Which Flooring is the Easiest to Maintain and Keep Clean?

Which Flooring is the Easiest to Maintain and Keep Clean?

As flooring experts, here at Hamilton Flooring we are often asked: ‘which flooring is the best for looking fresh the longest’ and ‘I don't want a floor which is difficult to keep clean, what would you recommend?’.

These are great questions to ask. Whilst looking for your ideal flooring for either a residential or a commercial space, the practical aspects of your flooring choice should be as well considered as the design elements. Each flooring project is unique so a consultation with one of our expert flooring installers is always recommended, however, here are some things to help you begin to think about the right flooring choice for you.

Choosing the Right Flooring

As we have said many times before, each project is different and it will therefore have different requirements of the flooring needed. There are some specific instances where it is particularly important to consider how easy a floor is to clean and to think about its durability and ease of maintenance. One such example is in rental properties either for long term tenants or holiday homes. In these instances, it may not be necessary to choose the most luxurious flooring options (although it's certainly a false economy to scrimp too!) as oftentimes flooring is replaced at the end of tenancy or it is found to wear quicker in the instance of holiday homes which experience more regular rigorous cleaning and ever changing residents.

Perhaps your flooring needs are dictated by having children or pets in the home, creating extra mess and sometimes even damage? It may even be that you are looking for flooring solutions for a busy office or commercial space which needs to withstand the daily stresses and strains placed upon it by heavy foot traffic? Regardless of your reasons for needing a low maintenance, easy to clean flooring solution, there are multiple options available to you to create the environment you require. Let’s look at the two most popular flooring types at Hamilton Flooring.

Low Maintenance Vinyl Flooring

It will come as no surprise that Vinyl flooring is high on the list of flooring types which offer low maintenance, easy to clean and durable options. Vinyl flooring in its many types - Luxury Vinyl Tile, Sheet Vinyl, Linoleum etc - is available in a mind bogglingly vast amount of types, designs, thicknesses and characteristics. The one commonality amongst all vinyl flooring types is the durability and ease of maintenance associated with this flooring type.

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Ignore the misconception that Vinyl is an outdated and old fashioned flooring type...this is no longer the case at all! With incredibly realistic hardwood and natural stone dupes, as well as modern, traditional and even custom design options, there is surely a Vinyl flooring available to suit your needs. Additional considerations are the varying levels of sound dampening properties in vinyl flooring, warmth and comfort underfoot, anti-microbial properties, anti-slip options and niche products designed specifically for individuals living with cognitive needs such as dementia and autism.

In terms of day to day cleaning, a simple sweep or hoover and a mop on occasion is all that is needed. Most vinyl flooring is a multilayer product with a protective top layer which prevents significant fading and wear. This means that vinyl flooring can look as good as the day it was installed so long as care is taken.

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Easy to Care for Carpets

Unlike Vinyl flooring, you may be surprised to see carpet listed here! Carpet is an incredibly popular choice for many Hamilton Flooring clients and one which we get quite a few questions about with regard to longevity and care. Depending on your carpet choice, it can be really durable and relatively easy to care for. Obviously there are instances where carpet is not the most suitable option but we find that for areas such as bedrooms and landings in residential homes as well as offices and some shop environments….carpet really can't be beaten for it’s style and comfort.

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Carpet is available in a huge variety of styles, colours and textures. It’s ability to hold warmth and the luxurious feel or carpet underfoot makes it a very popular choice. With all of this considered it should also be noted that carpet can wear more quickly than other flooring types...particularly wall-to-wall sheet carpet. Obviously any floor which is not cared for appropriately is likely to falter well ahead of its expected life course and without proper maintenance, carpet can require replacement in just a few short years if not adequately maintained. Ways carpet can be maintained is through the inclusion of entrance matting where appropriate to ensure that outside debris (particularly grit) is not brought onto the carpet causing additional wear. A further option is to consider carpet tile. Carpet tile has been a popular option in the commercial sector for many many years now but we are also seeing its popularity grow in homes too! The ability to spot replace a tile when needed rather than having to replace a whole carpet can make this a wonderful option for the home as well as businesses. Carpet tile (when installed correctly by a skilled and professional expert like those at Hamilton flooring!) no longer features the tell tale tramlines associated with the carpet tiles of the 1980’s office!

Carpet, of whatever variety, requires semi-regular vacuuming to ensure it is kept free from dust and dirt which may degrade the carpet and dull its appearance over time. It is also advisable to have your carpets professionally cleaned on an annual or bi-annual basis (depending on the type - seek aftercare advice from your flooring installation team) to ensure that your carpets remain looking as beautiful as the day they were laid.

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Low Maintenance Options At Hamilton Flooring

As always, the friendly professionals at Hamilton Flooring are here to advise and guide you to finding the perfect flooring solution for your needs. Our flooring consultants and installation team provide consistent high quality flooring services and Hamilton Flooring recognises the importance of competitive pricing, excellent service and high quality results. Our specialists will visit your property or business to provide expert advice, creative solutions and supply quotes for all your flooring needs. Working with some of the biggests and best names in the flooring industry, from Karndean and Amtico to Altro, Polyflor and Burmatex, we are pleased to offer a huge range of styles, surfaces and solutions to all of our clients. Get in touch today to find out more!

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