Unique, Stylish Flooring Trends in Interior Design: Laser Cut, CNC Milled and Custom Flooring

Unique, Stylish Flooring Trends in Interior Design: Laser Cut, CNC Milled and Custom Flooring

Custom Flooring & bespoke Flooring Design

Commercial buildings are no longer a wasteland of grey utilitarian simplicity. Many commercial spaces are now engaging with the latest trends in industrial design when modelling locations. From architectural features, fixtures & fittings, and walls & flooring - creative interiors are more diverse and innovative than of decades past.

Year upon year, the trends associated with commercial spaces adapt and evolve to represent styles, fashion and even technological advancements. In the last few years, commercial design has been about bringing a residential feel into commercial establishments. Often termed ‘resimercial design’, the feeling of home-based design features and the comfort of home have been brought into commercial buildings, utilising soft furnishings, break away spaces and indulgent palettes of colour and texture feature heavily in the contemporary business. Continuing the theme of drawing upon residential interior design, we are seeing nature employed significantly through the use of creative planting, natural wood and stone effect elements and the employment of open space and large windows to incorporate uninterrupted natural light.

Similarly, biophilic design, incorporating the natural environment into spaces, played a huge role in the trends of 2018/19 and is set to continue to be one of the top interior design trends in both residential and commercial properties. This can be seen in the obvious use of plants and nature inside a workspace through features such as ‘live’ walls of greenery, both inside and outside, as well as the bold use of reclaimed wood, stone effects and internal water features. It can be more subtle in the form of incorporating concepts of nature into the workspace, such as; honeycomb and herringbone arrangements in flooring, the colours of nature in swathes of greens, oranges, yellows and blues; and the texture of stone and wood in flooring choices. Geometric patterns and abstract designs retain an air of a classic-meets-modern motif popular in many settings.

Going forward in the latter part of 2019 and into 2020; bold, chromatic colour schemes maintain their appeal, particularly when paired with another trend...industrialised features. Exposed brick, natural tones and bold statement pieces throughout are the archetypal look for the modern commercial space

Bespoke design flooring

High concept design is no replacement for sustainability, durability and practicality, particularly when featured in business spaces. Stylised and custom flooring features heavily in the ongoing interior design trends and is something that Hamilton Flooring has engaged with significantly of late.

The specialists at Hamilton Flooring have developed an affinity for the creative when it comes to custom and bespoke flooring design and innovation. Using laser cutting and CNC Milling techniques, any number of images, lettering, symbols and designs can be achieved across the full range of flooring products available at Hamilton Flooring.

Custom Floors by Hamilton Flooring

There are endless options available in custom and bespoke flooring and the applications are far reaching. Specialists at Hamilton Flooring recently created a quirky custom floor for the Vaults, a Pub in Knowle. Using CNC Milling techniques they were able to inlay text to place a quote in the flooring near the bar. The whimsical quote is dynamically placed to create a talking point whilst patrons mingle in the bar space. Due to this being in a heavy footfall area, the flooring needed to maintain the durability expected for such a space, as well as being stylish and eye-catching. Hamilton flooring achieved this by using Luxury Vinyl Flooring, known for its impressive practical attributes and visually superior appearance, in two tone colour to provide the contrast to ensure the lettering is visually impactful. The flooring specialists at Hamilton Flooring selected Karndean art-select handcrafted hickory peppercorn to really emphasise the lettering and create a striking tone. By carefully crafting the lettering and masterfully laying the flooring, Hamilton Flooring were able to accomplish a beautiful floor finish and retain the required elements of water resistant, hard wearing, durable flooring using LVT.

Hamilton Flooring

Sticking with off-the-wall flooring, the craftsmen at Hamilton Flooring employed the custom flooring techniques to create inlaid ‘men and women’ symbols which could be used to direct patrons to appropriate WC’s. Using the familiar images representing the men’s facilities and women’s facilities, a seamless design was created in the flooring - clearly directing people to the services without needing to clutter walls or use ceiling hangings to portray the information. Again, using Karndean they were able to replicate the look and texture of a real wood floor for a fraction of the cost, retain the high-end finish required as well as having the flexibility to create custom designs and bespoke detailing.

Hamilton Flooring

It is not just tiling and planks that can be utilised in custom flooring, carpet can also receive the bespoke treatment! Whether it is a pattern-driven laying process or whether carpet is custom cut for the desired design, beautiful results can be achieved.

Hamilton Flooring

Style & Substance !

Custom flooring is not just a way to achieve stylish design features, they can also be used to convey business brands, direct the customer journey through a showroom or shop, convey an element of luxury in hotels and restaurants or just bring an element of personality to a commercial space. Using vector images, Hamilton flooring is able to recreate photos, maps, symbols, crests, lettering and all manner of styles and designs - your imagination and creativity is the limit! The knowledgeable use of this decorating system allows high-end quality in the reproduction of any design with the guarantee of absolute precision and quality finish.

Bespoke and custom flooring is a unique way to engage with design, marketing, branding and creativity in commercial settings and even more options are available through Hamilton Flooring as they have the full range of products available to them in the execution of this service. You can mix wood and stone effects, lay carpet and LVT side by side, inlay vinyl and generally mix and match texture, colour and finish to create the desired effect. This is particularly useful in open plan spaces where different activities take place in the same space. You could lay hardwearing LVT in desk spaces and cut this in with soft textured carpets in break-out spaces. This allows for the leading characteristics of flooring types to be best utilised and the space to be most effective for its purpose.

Hamilton flooring

So whether you are looking for a custom floor which will compliment your bold styling, or you want to maximise your business identity, bespoke options can create a lasting impression and dramatic focal-points in interiors. For more information about custom flooring, explore our services page or contact one of our flooring specialists at Hamilton Flooring to discuss your vision!

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Unless otherwise stated, Images are used for illustrative purposes and do not represent work untaken by Hamilton flooring - examples of work completed can be found in our Gallery

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