Trends in Domestic Flooring for 2022: Vinyl Tile Flooring

Trends in Domestic Flooring for 2022: Vinyl Tile Flooring

Heritage designs, graphic patterns, hexagonal shaped tiles plus creative laying patterns look set to take 2022 by storm!

Unlike some other aspects of interior design, flooring trends don’t change all that regularly. However, it is without a doubt that flooring can make one of the biggest impacts on the way that a space feels. Because flooring trends move more slowly than other aspects of commercial and domestic interior design, here at Hamilton Flooring, we are mindful of sustainable flooring design, trends with longevity, and timeless styles. Flooring doesn't have to be boring!

2021 saw some wonderful trends emerge, some of which look set to continue through 2022 and beyond. With people returning to public workspaces, we saw offices refreshed with a professional yet welcoming aesthetic and a move towards creating a ‘home away from home’ working environment. We also saw shops, businesses, hotels and restaurants utilising the incredible properties of vinyl tile in their flooring designs to create hygienic, stylish and easy to maintain spaces. Both of these flooring styles look set to continue into the future as we adjust to the ‘new normal’. Additionally, for many people the events of 2020 onwards have put into perspective our everyday experience of life and the design of our work, home, public and leisure spaces plays an important role in how we experience these spaces in the present and future.

With 2022 upon us, we are looking again at the trends which are emerging for the year ahead. Last year was much more about practicality with commercial design making full use of wayfinding techniques within flooring using vinyl tile. There was a leaning towards boldly contrasting flooring within both commercial and domestic spaces. Pantone's colours of the year for 2021 were PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating, a warm grey tone and bright yellow bringing together the concepts of steadiness and practicality meeting with positivity and optimism. 2022’s Colour of the year ‘encompasses the qualities of the blues, yet at the same time possessing a violet-red undertone, PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri displays a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expression’ (…good to know!

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Although the actual periwinkle shade of the Pantone colour of the year does not appear to have taken hold of the world of vinyl flooring tiles as of yet, the concept of dynamism and creativity has!

2022 will see a continuation of geometric design in flooring tiles and emerging trends in vinyl specifically are picking up speed, with vibrant colours and bold patterns truly making a statement this year (much needed after the long reign of grey). Stone effect vinyl flooring is getting big and bold with mixed shapes and patterns both in commercial and residential spaces…no longer is stone effect vinyl tile relegated to foyers and kitchens only!

Predictions for 2022 also indicate that floor tiles will be going on an adventure with them being extended up walls, onto stair risings, in alcoves and even on kitchen islands. Get creative! A new industrial look is emerging with metallic flooring at its heart, made possible by new technologies and advancements in Vinyl flooring tile.

Trends in Vinyl Tile Flooring for 2022

Vinyl Tile is absolutely having a moment (and has been for a while), the advancements that are made within the industry only lead to more realistic stone and wood effect flooring, more captivating styles and a vast array of options, finishes and characteristics. Let's take a look at some of the trends in vinyl flooring for 2022.

Hexagonal Vinyl Flooring Tile Trend for 2022

This particular trend is one we are very excited about…the emergence of the hexagon! Hexagonal tiles have been around for a while in interior design and now we are seeing hexagonal floor tiles added to living rooms, bathrooms, dining rooms and even commercial spaces.

The dynamic shape of hexagonal tiles adds depth and charm to a space creating a stylish aesthetic. Chevron and Herringbone laying patterns have been having something of a moment in the spotlight in everything from home decor to soft furnishings and beyond…but they aren't the only showstopper! Hexagon Flooring tiles aren’t just for creating stunning homes, they are becoming popular in commercial spaces.

Opal in Hex: Amtico

Karndean also displays a striking take on the hexagon tile with the Hexa. 'This contemporary hexagon design paired with the subtle grey tones of Portland Stone and cool white of Balin stone make this Hexa option ideal for adding a modern feel to any space.'

Kaleidoscope Hexa: Karndean

Heritage/Art Deco Vinyl Flooring Tile Trend for 2022

The distinct and ornate style of art deco interior design has, once again, been bringing the luxurious elegance and opulence of the 1920’s to commercial and domestic properties for the year ahead. The Art Deco style can be characterised by bold geometric shapes, luxurious materials and strikingly bold colours or contrasting monochromes. For example, ​​The primary collection for Art Deco flooring by Amtico is actually a really interesting blend of Art Nouveau Victoriana and Art Deco inspirations with a splash of Heritage styling which creates an incredibly enigmatic range of designs and possibilities. The Decor range draws upon the design archives of Amtico, breathing new life into traditional colours and patterns which is both captivating as well as nostalgic.

Karndean Heritage: CLIF-04 Clifton , Dove Grey, Azure, Lace and Nero.

Read more about Art Deco flooring in ‘Art Deco Flooring: Style & Inspiration’. Vintage and heritage styling is often about daydreaming and nostalgia utilising the warmth and memories of the past. The 2022 trend particularly focuses on the monochrom of black and white tiles but with more finesse than the black and white floor tiles of historic homes. Heritage or Art Deco flooring tiles create a luxurious yet graphic style - mixing the old and new - which adds a unique touch to spaces.

Karndean offers a specific heritage collection, they say of it this: ‘Designed to give the opulent look of classic geometric tiles, the Heritage Collection features striking monochrome designs to beautifully blended traditional patterns. The collection reflects both the classic elegance of historic homes and the boldness of contemporary trends. Ideal for recreating the original character of elegant period interiors or for a contemporary statement look, the collection features a tasteful mix of shades that can be used to create a totally individual look.’

Luxury vinyl Tile was used for bar areas and the bathrooms of the Jacques Bar and Restaurant in Knowle. Amtico Décor perfectly encapsulates the classic styling of the flooring aesthetic throughout the restaurant and bar. Amtico Décor provides a period feel with modern elements creating a stylish flooring with the durability to withstand the practical demands of the space.

The designs in the range have been modeled on classic designs found in the Amtico archives which blends the traditional and modern beautifully. Each style in the collection has complementary borders and edging tiles which complete the look. For the Jacques restaurant and bar, the Amtico Décor classic mono was selected for its Victorian era styling and striking and elegant monochromatic design. The contrast of the black and white makes for a bold statement and one which paired well with the bathroom interiors as well as being a stand-out, eye-catching feature to highlight the bar areas. With the Amtico Flooring in monochrome, the deep, jewel toned green leather and gold fixtures of the wooden bar really stand out and are very attractive. read more about the stunning transformation at 'Hamilton Flooring: Complete Flooring Solutions at Jacques Restaurant & Bar in Knowle. Creating Stylish Flooring for a New Restaurant and Bar'

Graphic Styles and Unusual Laying Patterns: A Vinyl Flooring Trend for 2022

Bold and statement is the order of the day with this trend. Patchwork or mix and match tiles have been a unique way to express yourself or your business through your flooring selection. Often achieved through interesting laying patterns, uniquely designed floors combining complementary vinyl flooring tiles. Zonal flooring is often achieved through the use of considered laying patterns and mixed media flooring.

Using advanced technology, manufacturers can replicate an infinite variety of mosaic images. You can get tiles with repeating patterns or get tiles that, like a puzzle, come together to form a large pattern across the entire floor.

Karndean Kaleidoscope Cubix

'Paired with the classic monotones of Fiore, Corris and Canberra, this classic Cubix design creates a stunning three-dimensional backdrop for a modern interior. Pair with clean lines and minimal styling to create a truly striking interior.'

Amtico Pleat

Karndean Bespoke Design

Vinyl Tile at Hamilton Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Flooring is one of the fastest-growing flooring types worldwide. From schools, hospitals, luxury hotels and high-end bars, the possibilities are endless. Not only is Luxury Vinyl Flooring a popular choice for commercial ventures, but homeowners are turning to the high-end, high spec opulence offered by vinyl options.

Hamilton Flooring is a nationwide professional flooring company based in the West Midlands, offering a large range of products and services to suit any requirement. Our flooring experts can advise, plan, supply and fit your vinyl Tile Flooring for 2022. Contact Hamilton Flooring to find out more.

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