The Best Flooring Solutions for Restaurants

The Best Flooring Solutions for Restaurants

When choosing the best flooring solutions for restaurants, Hamilton Flooring will work with you to achieve the ideal balance of aesthetic excellence to create the right atmosphere for your restaurant, and ensuring that safe and hygienic flooring is selected. Each specific space within your restaurant requires specific consideration, from the front of house bar and restuarant to the bathrooms and behind the scenes areas such as kitchens and store rooms.

We understand that restaurant flooring has to work really hard and the flooring in different areas are really put to the test. From the bustle of the commercial kitchen to the heavy footfall of dining rooms and bar areas as well as the spills which are commonplace in a restaurant environment, Hamilton Flooring has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that the perfect flooring is selected for your restaurant. We also understand that no two restaurants are alike, even within restaurant chains, so whether you are an independant local eatery, a Michelin starred establishment or a well known national brand name, choosing the right flooring for your restaurant need not be an exercise in the mundane!

Restaurant Flooring Design

Hamilton Flooring works with the best names in the flooring industry to ensure that you have a vast range of choices available to suit the best style and combination for your restaurant. Whether you are looking for contemporary and stylish Luxury Vinyl Tile from Karndean and Amtico, elegant but hardwearing carpet from Desso, Burmatex or Heckmondwike, long-lasting modern vinyl flooring from Polyflor and Forbo, or safety flooring and entrance matting from Altro and Interface, the selection of flooring types, styles and designs are endless.

The flooring specialists at Hamilton Flooring can help bring your flooring design vision to life with their expert knowledge and creativity for bespoke flooring design, ensuring that the best flooring is selected to suit the needs of the area whilst remaining in keeping with the feel of the restaurant.

The importance of brand identity runs through the interior design of restaurants and bars which can be further enhanced through the choice of flooring. From simple design elements such as colour choice and material choice, to bespoke and custom flooring designs using branding, typography and logos, the specialists at Hamilton Flooring can provide design and installation services to best represent your business.

Restaurant Flooring: Dining Rooms

The dining room is the centrepiece of any restaurant and is often the area which makes the biggest impression on your patrons. The restaurant dining room is where we eat, drink and socialise, making memories with friends and family, so creating a welcoming environment is imperative...this starts with the flooring. With any good outfit, a great pair of shoes can make or break a look and the same can be said for the flooring in a restaurant dining room. You can have the most stunning interior styling but if you have a poor quality, badly installed or damaged flooring then no amount of beautiful decor can disguise this. At Hamilton Flooring, we will work with your team to plan the perfect dining room floor for your restaurant, ensuring the perfect balance of design, durability and cost.

Amtico Cadence Montis, Cumbrian Slate and Stria Ash from the Signature range

For dining rooms we would recommend LVT as a perfect choice because of its durability, ease of maintenance and huge variety of style choices. Hamilton Flooring works with two of the most popular Luxury Vinyl Tile brands, Amtico and Karndean, which although very similar, have some distinct differences. Amtico can be slightly more pricey and generally has more of a matte finish which can result in a more natural and realistic resemblance to the natural flooring materials wood and stone. Karndean tends to have a slightly glossier finish but is not high shine unless this is the specific style you are trying to achieve.

Karndean HC03 Dusk Oak from the Art Select range

LVT is non-porous making it ideal for restaurant dining rooms, it is easy to clean, scratch resistant, non-slip and seriously tough! With so many designs available across the Karndean and Amtico ranges, you are sure to find a style you love whether traditional, contemporary or bold. LVT is cushioned underfoot and compatible with most underfloor heating systems whilst the 5 layer construction means it is generally warmer underfoot than its natural counterparts making it a stylish option with the added benefit of comfort and noise reduction properties.

Restaurant Flooring: The Bar

Many Restaurants feature a separate bar area which is very much a focal point for the business with people visiting to enjoy a drink or two before their meal or even just to soak up the atmosphere with their beverage of choice. Often the bar area is prone to a drink or two itself with spills being a frequent occurrence plus with the addition of high footfall, bar flooring needs to be hardwearing and attractive.

LVT would be another great choice for a bar area because of its ease of maintenance, stylish options and scratch resistance in particular as the floor of a bar is often more visible than the dining room due to a lack of tables and chairs. Another great choice would be sheet vinyl as a more reasonably priced option although this flooring type does not have the benefit of the tile and plank system of LVT. This modular system allows for spot replacement should an area receive damage which means less disruption and lower costs in the long run.

Karndean AP02 Auburn Oak from the Art Select range

Bar areas can be distinguished from dining areas in more open plan restaurants simply with a complimenting but unique floor design in each space. Using the same materials in different colours or designs amounts to a cohesive flooring solution across the restaurant. Why not go a step further and have some fun with the bar area? Custom flooring options can make for a striking addition to a bar floor and can promote the business identity.

Amtico Glint Orb & Glint Void, Blonde Oak Parquet

Restaurant Flooring: Snugs and Lounge Areas

It may be counterintuitive to recommend carpet in a commercial space such as a restaurant but if your establishment has a snug or lounge area, carpet can really enhance the space and create a cosy and welcoming area to relax in - which ultimately means your guests will stay longer therefore purchase more! Whilst carpets are susceptible to stains, minor spills can be quickly attended to with little issue and if the right carpet solution is selected, spills should be nothing more than a minor inconvenience.

Choosing carpet tiles over wall-to-wall carpet brings the benefit of spot replacement should that large glass of merlot take a tumble. Ensuring that a hardwearing, durable carpet in appropriate colours and designs would ensure the longevity of your carpeted area. Carpet tiles are a durable flooring solution and are popular choices in commercial spaces such as office buildings, reception areas, shops and cafes. Working with commercial carpet experts Burmatex, Desso and Heckmondwike, Hamilton Flooring has a huge range of products available to choose from and can advise on the best placement and selections for the cosier areas of your restaurant. The additional benefit of carpet tile is the sound dampening properties and added warmth and comfort they provide which is perfect for quiet spaces and function rooms set away from the hustle and bustle of the main restaurant areas.

Restaurant Flooring: Commercial Kitchens

The kitchen is where all the action takes place at a restaurant and is more function over design but irrespective of the lack of style requirements it is certainly not an area to be under considered. The safety of the kitchen floor is perhaps the most important consideration as a commercial kitchen is an incredibly busy area with numerous hazards present.

Commercial kitchens need their flooring to be very hard wearing, suited to hosting heavy appliances such as industrial ovens and fridges whilst being easy to clean, low maintenance, non slip and hygienic. For chefs and kitchen staff, comfort levels are crucial especially as they can find themselves on their feet for 10 to 12 hours a shift. In collaboration with some of the UK’s leading experts in non slip and safety flooring, Hamilton Flooring has a large range of flooring solutions to suit commercial kitchens from the smallest bistros to the largest restaurants and everything in between. With well known brands such as Polyflor, Altro and Forbo, Hamilton Flooring is able to utilise the very best in bacteria management, anti slip and durable technology. For example, Marmoleum by Forbo has been proven to inhibit the spread of Norovirus and E-coli and Altro floors are Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) approved meet all current European Union (EU) Directives on health and hygiene, making them ideal for commercial kitchens.

Altro Stronghold 30 and WhiteRock tile

Restaurant Flooring Ideas

With the help of our flooring specialists, it’s a piece of cake to design a stylish and safe working environment for your restaurant’s kitchen with all the characteristics needed to make it a great space for your staff to do what they best - create great food! Restaurant dining rooms, snugs and bar areas can be transformed with well designed flooring creating a beautiful and stylish space to enjoy for years to come. If you are looking to refurbish your restaurant or are starting from scratch, Hamilton Flooring can provide all your restaurant flooring solutions! We have covered some of the key areas such as the dining room, bar, lounges and the kitchen but we can also help with flooring solutions for the bathrooms, store rooms, cellars and any other space within your establishment. To find out more or to speak with one of our flooring experts about your flooring requirements get in touch.

Unless otherwise stated, Images are used for illustrative purposes and do not represent work untaken by Hamilton flooring - examples of work completed can be found in our Gallery

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