Stylish and Affordable Home Office Flooring

Stylish and Affordable Home Office Flooring

Main Image: Karndean Art Select - LM11 Oakeley

With at home working becoming a necessity during the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses have seen the benefits from partial, or full home-working. Through the 2020/2021 UK lockdown, many people adapted spare rooms, kitchen tables and garages into working spaces, but for many people this temporary solution is becoming more necessary as a long term and permanent space. Although many industries are returning to some sense of normalcy, the traditional office environment will never truly be the same. Many companies have seen the benefits to individuals’ wellbeing and productivity given the opportunity to work from home. With the additional benefit of cost saving, there is forecasted to be a move to more fluid working environments - including the expansion of work from home programmes whether on a full-time or part-time basis. For many this may mean that now is the time to update and reinvigorate the home office - or even create one!

A home office may be a shared or multipurpose area or a dedicated and closed off room or outbuilding. Regardless, your home office should be your own personal space providing a comfortable environment allowing for inspiration, creativity and focus. Whatever the size and whatever your style, your home office should have stylish flooring which is comfortable underfoot all year round.

Karndean Looselay LLT207 Texas

In terms of styling, the home office is an extension of your home - whether in your main house or in a converted garage or shed. You may want to match the flooring of your office with that of your home or you may wish to create a distinct space which looks and feels different from elsewhere in your home. Irrespective, there are several factors which may influence your choice of flooring for your home office.

Considerations for Home Office Flooring

The main considerations for your home office flooring should include your preferences for:

  • Style and design

  • Acoustics / sound dampening

  • Durability, scratch resistance, ease of maintenance

Consider the type of furniture you have/plan to have in your home office. Thinking about the relationship between your furniture and the floor, in terms of practicality and design, can help decide on the flooring type to choose for your home office. As an example, if you have a wheelie/swivel chair you may decide on a durable flooring solution which will allow for smooth and uninterrupted movement - for static chairs, this is less of a concern. You may also want to consider the aesthetic of the furniture you own or plan to furnish your home office with.

Amtico: AR0APT31 Patina Vapour, (Cross Grain) and AR0APT33 Patina Atom.

You will want to create a space which has quality acoustics and that isn't echo-y for phone calls or video calls whilst also being a comfortable working environment providing peace and quiet from any activities from within your home. You may also want to consider the footfall of your home office - will your home office have additional uses? Will you have clients visiting your home office? Your home office floor needs to be durable and be able to withstand your daily comings and goings. It needs to be easy to clean and not prone to scratches and damage.

Burmatex Origin Carpet Tile - Shale, Gull and Gorse

Carpet may be a preference for your home and when creating your home office you may wish to continue the use of carpet throughout. We can take inspiration from commercial offices when designing the flooring for your home office. Carpet tiles are synonymous with office buildings but long gone are the coarse brown and grey tiles of the past. Carpet tile systems provide greater flexibility for design, installation and refitting as well as remaining one of the most durable flooring options due to advanced technologies in the manufacturing process. One of the biggest draws of carpet tile is the ability to replace individual tiles should spills or damage be acquired in the daily use of a carpeted area. Although this is perhaps less of an issue for an at-home office but it remains a useful property for carpet throughout the home and protects against coffee spills, dropped ink cartridges and accidents moving furniture.

Furthermore, the variety of colour and pattern options is astounding and there is surely a combination for everyone! Once fitted, carpet tile gives the appearance of wall-to-wall carpeting rather than piecemeal sections. Having said this, intricate patterns and designs can be created with carpet tile using custom flooring techniques, allowing for a bespoke finish and personalised aspects should this be desired.

Hamilton Flooring can help you work out the best flooring for your home office based on your needs and how your office is set up and utilised.

What Is The Most Suitable Flooring for Home Offices?

After looking at all the specific considerations for your home office, the most suitable flooring is the one which fits your needs most closely whilst providing a practical, comfortable and durable workspace as well as being attractive and welcoming.

Carpet, Vinyl, Wood and Tile are all suitable home office flooring options depending on your preferences and needs. At Hamilton Flooring we work with some of the biggests and best names in the flooring industry, from Karndean and Amtico to Altro, Tarkett, Polyflor and Burmatex, we are pleased to offer a huge range of styles, surfaces and solutions for all your home office needs.

Home Office Flooring Inspiration

Wood effect Flooring is a beautiful option for a stylish and sleek home office. With so many options available you can choose a traditional aesthetic or go for something a little more unusual. Country Oak from the Van Gogh wood collection gives you the authentic rustic appearance of unfinished timbers, with none of the practical difficulties of waxing, sanding or porosity of real unfinished oak timbers. A gentle cool mid-brown coupled with faithfully recreated oak grain makes for an attractive, traditional look.

Karndean Van Gogh VGW81T Country Oak

Vinyl floors, whether sheet vinyl or tile/plank, provide a low maintenance yet durable home office flooring solution. The Iconik 240 vinyl range by Tarkett is tough enough to withstand heavy foot traffic and the daily wear and tear from chair movement whilst also looking incredibly stylish and welcoming. Available in numerous designs there is sure to be a design to suit your interior design aesthetic. The top layer of the Iconik 240 Vinyl is scratch, stain and water-resistant meaning your floors will stay looking good-as-new for many years to come. A benefit of vinyl over natural flooring options such as stone or hardwood is the sound insulation properties reducing noise and providing comfort underfoot. Vinyl also has thermal properties meaning that you will have a warm, comfortable home office floor all year round.

Iconik 240 properties

  • 2.4mm thick with 0,35mm wear layer
  • 16dB sound reduction
  • Resistant to scuffs, scratches and stains
  • 15-year warranty

Tarkett - Home Vinyl Iconik 240 Everglade Medium Beige

For a modern and urban look, Amtico's Modernist Spire is a light multitonal grey featuring a concrete surface texture to create a versatile urban look.

Amtico AR0AMN38 Modernist Spire, laid in a Broken Bond laying pattern.

Stylish and Affordable Home Office Flooring at Hamilton Flooring

Hamilton Flooring offers a wide range of home office flooring solutions and with our expertise and knowledge you are in good hands. So whether you are looking to update and upgrade existing flooring or if you are starting from scratch, there’s a home office flooring solution for you!

For more information about the services provided by Hamilton Flooring or to book a free consultation visit our contact page - our experts are on hand to support you from design through to installation and aftercare advice.

Unless otherwise stated, Images are used for illustrative purposes and do not represent work untaken by Hamilton flooring - examples of work completed can be found in our Gallery

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