Retail Flooring & Shop Flooring

Retail Flooring & Shop Flooring

There are many considerations when designing and fitting out a retail space, from the customer experience to the science of buyer behaviour. Shop flooring is the hardest working element of any retail environment and must be suitable for coping with the daily demands of the shop whilst also being aesthetically pleasing. It is really important for retail businesses to stand out and flooring can enhance the customer experience and brand image. Whether vinyl, laminate, wood, lino, safety flooring or carpet, the experts at Hamilton Flooring can help design, prepare and lay your retail flooring. Hamilton flooring offers flooring solutions for every kind of retail space and because we know time is money we ensure minimum disruption when replacing old flooring.

A key aspect of retail and shop flooring is the need for flooring solutions to have high resistance to heavy traffic as well as the having the visual impact to draw in customers. Furthermore, shop flooring must address hygiene and the health and wellbeing of your customers whilst serving to guide the shopping experience and create a positive atmosphere to maximise sales potential. That’s a lot to think about!

Stylish shop flooring

Research has shown that the appearance of a shop or retail space influences the amount of time a customer spends browsing and can even affect spending habits. It is not news to state that colour and pattern directly impacts our mood and flooring is no exception, especially considering the sheer area it covers. The style of flooring is dependant on the type of shop you are flooring, for example a boutique clothing shop may benefit from a resimercial style flooring so wood effect choices are popular. Karndean is a great choice due to the hardwearing characteristics of their luxury vinyl flooring as well as stylish and high quality finish - you would never know its not real wood!

Custom Shop Flooring

The importance of brand identity cant be understated and is something that we all absorb from the moment we arrive at a shop front all the way through to the fitting rooms. Retail flooring plays an important role in this from the design of the flooring itself to more bespoke options. With custom flooring options available from Hamilton Flooring, you can create a bespoke floor with inlaid branding, business colourways and customised designs and icons. Tile and modular flooring in vinyl, wood, carpet and laminate makes personalising your shop flooring simple as it can easily be cut and shaped to compliment any design. Entrance Matting can also serve to express the brand identity with inlaid business logos and personalised greetings whilst also performing the important task of protecting the flooring in the shop and reducing the amount of environmental walk-in. The shopping experience can also be elevated with custom flooring through comfort levels, appearance and even the customer journey. Walkways can be created by laying different styles of flooring alongside each other to direct the customer through your shop. Furthermore, areas of your retail space can be differentiated and identified through bespoke flooring options. Seating and waiting areas are served well with carpet, walkways require a more hard wearing surface and til areas need to be differentiated and your employees will welcome a low impact surface. The combination options truly are endless and Hamilton Flooring can advise on the best combinations and customisations to best serve your business needs.

Durable Shop Flooring

Customers will immediately notice a floor which is tatty, damaged or unclean and first impressions really do count for everything! If you have invested in impressive interior decor, stylish layouts and quality fixtures and fittings your flooring should reflect that same attention to detail. But more than that, it must perform and given the sheer volume of footfall through most retail outlets, heavy wear flooring is a must-have and also reduces the frequency with which your flooring needs replacing. Having said this, there are instances where a plush carpet can be effective but only in low traffic stores such as appointment only boutiques, high end jewelry stores or luxury items shops where the plushness of a soft carpet outways the risk of damage over a shorter period of time.

Luxury Vinyl Tile and plank solutions are popular choices for shops due to their hardiness, water resistance and ease of maintenance, as is sheet vinyl for smaller shops and carpet tile because of the simplicity of replacing specific areas should this be needed instead of replacing an entire floor.

Health and safety requirements are imperative to flooring choices, especially when we consider that 50% of public accidents are caused by slipping and tripping so ensuring a good grip level and anti slip flooring where needed with ensure your staff and customers remain safe.

Cost effective Shop Flooring

Flooring a retail space can be a significant investment, particularly for new businesses but as long as careful consideration is made for the needs of the shop then flooring should last many years without the need for replacement. Choosing less expensive flooring may not be cost effective in the long run so it is important to speak with the flooring experts at Hamilton Flooring to ensure that you are making the best choice within your budget that will serve you well for many years to come. Hamilton Flooring caters for all retail settings from boutiques to superstores, from independant businesses to large highstreet names and everything in between.

Unless otherwise stated, Images are used for illustrative purposes and do not represent work untaken by Hamilton flooring - examples of work completed can be found in our Gallery

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