Non-Slip Flooring Solutions for Commercial Properties and Retail Businesses

Non-Slip Flooring Solutions for Commercial Properties and Retail Businesses

Main Image: Amtico Spacia 36 Plus Featured Oak in a Large Parquet Laying Pattern - Image courtesy of Amtico

Non-slip flooring and safety flooring are essential aspects to any commercial interior design project. Non-slip and safety flooring is vital to many commercial sectors - offices and schools require specialist flooring for corridors, entrances, canteens and kitchens, medical centres and healthcare facilities require substantial non-slip flooring throughout their buildings as well as superior hygiene characteristics. These sectors are relatively obvious but we should also consider leisure facilities such as gyms and spas as well as hospitality and retail spaces which are experiential locations who receive high levels of foot traffic from the general public - a slip or fall in these locations would not only be a safety hazard to visitors but could also prove catastrophic to the business should they not make meaningful efforts to prevent such incidents and thusly leave themselves open to legal recourse.

It is particularly important for individuals taking on an existing space to ensure that their flooring solutions are providing adequate protection against slips and falls and that they have not become ineffective due to wear and tear. Commercial safety and non-slip flooring is a requirement for health and safety regulations and with increasing responsibility placed upon the business owner to provide and maintain a safe working environment, safety and non-slip flooring is an integral feature to ensure risk is minimised. With that said, although there are many considerations surrounding safety and non-slip flooring for commercial properties and retail businesses, there have been huge strides in the design and manufacturing of these specialist floor types which means that there are an incredible array of styles and aesthetics available which mean these flooring solutions can be a stylish choice as well as a safe one.

What is Commercial Non-Slip Flooring?

The term non-slip is perhaps a misnomer because it is not plausible to claim that flooring can entirely remove any chance of slipping. Non-slip flooring is engineered to significantly minimise the risk of slips and falls particularly in areas where flooring is exposed to contaminants such as water, dust or oil.

There is a diverse range of safety and non-slip flooring available which caters for everything from lower risk areas such as school dining halls which are likely to experience some food spillages to high risk areas such a pool sides which have a high likelihood of experiencing contaminants across much of its surface for much of the time.

Areas assessed as high risk or very high slip risk can be dangerous without the appropriate flooring and particularly in environments where the risk of spillages or contaminants is unavoidable. In these instances, specialist non-slip safety flooring is essential for keeping the work space safe. This is particularly true for areas which pose additional risk factors such as machinery or uneven surfaces.

The Benefits of Non-Slip and Safety Flooring for the Commercial Sector

There are many benefits to installing high-quality non-slip and safety flooring in commercial and retail environments. The obvious benefit being that the risk of slips and falls is reduced for both employees, visitors and residents which in turn reduces the risk of litigation. In addition to this, non-slip and safety floors are hardwearing, easy to clean and maintain, and anti-bacterial - with many brands having ranges which are specially designed to be anti-microbial and resistant to MRSA, Influenza and a myriad of viruses and bacteria.

Furthermore, some non-slip and safety flooring is even specially designed for those with cognitive considerations such as dementia and so ensure that the visual impact of flooring aids in safe mobility as well as reducing visual disturbance and increasing underfoot grip. Non-slip and safety flooring is relatively straightforward to install for professional services such as Hamilton Flooring and is recommended that professional services be employed rather than DIY approaches. This means there is unlikely to be long periods of disruption to your business with installation and the flooring itself is hardwearing and easy to maintain so should not require replacement for many many years.

Depending on the requirements of your non-slip or safety flooring there are a variety of budgets catered for in terms of flooring options. In fact, many luxury vinyl tile and plank flooring as well as sheet vinyl flooring has a level of non-slip suitability as standard.

The Best Non-Slip Flooring for Commercial and Retail

Hamilton Flooring ensures that the best possible flooring solution is selected for the environment required, so it would be impossible to outline the best non-slip flooring for ALL commercial and retail situations. We understand that each business is unique and finding the best flooring for that business requires a personal touch and consultation. Below we outline some of the popular non-slip and safety flooring choices available from some of the top brands that we work with, to perhaps inspire you. As always, our flooring professionals are always on hand for any questions or queries you may have, so feel free to get in touch if you feel that non-slip or safety flooring is for you. Whether starting from scratch, replacing an existing floor or upgrading, Hamilton flooring has the expert floorers and products for you!

Polyflor: Commercial Non-Slip Flooring

Complete safety flooring providing sustainable slip resistance. All Polysafe conforms to HSE Guidelines & EN 13845.

Polysafe Hydro

Polysafe Hydro is a safety vinyl flooring range combining the assurance of sustainable slip resistance with high durability for years of performance in continually wet, barefoot & shod areas. Available in 8 colours in either a traditional or multi-chip design, the range features safety aggregates in the vinyl and a raised pimple emboss for added grip and underfoot safety, to create a safe interior in commercial or residential areas. Highly suited to disabled adaptations.

  • BRE Global A+ Rated Product (Certificate No: ENP 472) in major use areas such as healthcare & education *
  • Raised emboss safety flooring, suitable for barefoot continually wet & shod areas
  • Independently assessed by British Board of Agrement with product performance assured for at least 10 years in recommended use areas
  • 8 colourways suited to use area
  • Fully HSE compliant - 36+ TRL/4S Pendulum (wet test)
  • Coloured quartz, aluminium oxide, silicon carbide particles & natural recycled aggregates incorporated in the vinyl to improve traction and safety underfoot
  • Sustainable wet slip resistance assured throughout the guaranteed life of the product.

Ideally suited for continually wet and barefoot areas where there is continual running water and a requirement for enhanced slip resistance. Also suited for shod areas. Ideal for commercial and residential areas areas where barefoot & footwear is worn - including walk-in showers, hydrotherapy areas, changing rooms and indoor swimming pool surrounds. Typical installations are within education, healthcare, social housing & leisure sectors.

Polysafe Hydro fully conforms with HSE & UK Slip Group Guidelines and meets the requirements of the European Safety Flooring Standard - EN 13845, class ESb & ESf. Following an individual assessment from BRE Global, Polysafe Hydro achieves an A+ rating in major sectors such as health, education and retail (ENP 472). Polysafe Hydro is 100% recyclable through the Recofloor scheme and contains recycled material. Ideally suited for heavy traffic areas with continual water spillage, whether in commercial or residential settings

Polyflor: Polysfae Hydro H4960 Sheared Slate

Expona Control PUR

Expona Control PUR is a collection of luxury vinyl tiles which provides sustainable slip resistance in wet areas. The collection authentically replicates the natural beauty of stone. The flooring is specifically designed and guaranteed for use in very heavy commercial areas where there is a risk of water spillage or trafficking. Expona Control Stone PUR provides sustainable wet slip resistance, assured throughout the guaranteed life of the product. Fully HSE compliant, providing 36+ RRL Pendulum (wet test). Reinforced with Polyflor PUR for ongoing maintenance savings. A design-led collection of popular and well-specified stone effects, suited to heavy commercial interiors. Expona Control is developed for use in public areas within the retail, office, leisure, healthcare and education sectors, where there is a risk of spillage or temporary surface water, making slip resistance an important consideration. These include: Buildings with direct access to outside; areas where rainwater can be trafficked inside, by feet, clothing, luggage, pushchairs, wheelchairs etc.

Other areas include:
Bar & restaurant servery and dining areas
Office kitchens and refreshment areas
Healthcare break out facilities
Education canteens
Supermarkets, convenience and general stores
Public bathrooms

Polyflor: Expona Control Stone PUR 7503 Smoked Limestone

Tarkett: Commercial Non-Slip Flooring

Tarkett safety floors are heavy duty and easy to maintain. According to whether they’ll be used in barefoot or wearfoot areas they come in class A, B and C and R10 and R11. Unique on the market, Safetred Spectrum tiles combine anti-slip properties with the convenience of tiles for added ease of transport and installation.

Safetred Ion Linen

Providing particle-enhanced slip resistance in an elegant woven design, Safetred Ion Linen is a safety floor with class. An anti-slip grip provides a high level of protection, while its reinforced surface protects against stains and eases maintenance. Colour-coordinated with our impact-resistant wall covering, Protectwall, this collection is ideal for schools and healthcare facilities.


  • Elegant woven design
  • Slip-resistant R10 grip
  • Reinforced surface for stain resistance
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Available in loose lay or acoustic options


Product type: Polyvinyl chloride floor coverings with particle based enhanced slip resistance (EN 13845)

Commercial classification: 34 Very Heavy

Industrial classification: 43 Heavy

Surface treatment: Safety Clean XP

Total thickness: 2 mm

Tarkett Safetred Ion Linen Mid Grey

Safetred Universal Plus

Safetred Universal Plus is our R11 heavy-duty safety floor. Its extra slip-resistant grip provides a high level of protection, while its reinforced surface protects against stains and eases maintenance. Perfect for any challenging area that presents a high risk of slips or falls such as kitchens, hospitals or stores.


  • Classic colours
  • Extremely slip-resistant R11 grip
  • Reinforced surface for stain resistance
  • Easy to clean and maintain


Product type: Polyvinyl chloride floor coverings with particle based enhanced slip resistance (EN 13845)

Commercial classification: 34 Very Heavy

Industrial classification: 43 Heavy

Surface treatment: Safety Clean XP

Total thickness: 2 mm

Tarkett Safetred Universal Plus Constellation

Altro - Commercial Non-Slip Flooring

Altro Wood™ Comfort

Biophilic, homely aesthetics combined with 14dB noise reduction plus comfort underfoot, in a safety option. Great in noisy environments such as hospitals and kindergartens, where users are on their feet all day. Low residual indentation for easy furniture and equipment movement. Co-ordinates with other wood ranges.

Altro Wood™ Comfort Soft Oak WSASC2804

Altro Stronghold™30

Specialist safety for commercial kitchens / canteens, food preparation and service areas; providing highest level of slip resistance even with grease, oils and fat. Cushioned for comfort underfoot to reduce fatigue.

  • Type of product: Roll

  • Slip resistance: PTV ≥55

  • Thickness: 3mm

  • Life expectancy: 25 years

  • No. of colours: 14

  • Weight: 3.9kg/m²

  • Minimum operating temperature -30°C

Altro Stronghold™30 Oyster K30215

Karndean: Commercial Non-Slip Flooring

Karndean Designflooring LVT performs particularly well in the dry and most products have either an R9, R10 and R11 rating. An R9 rated floor is more than adequate for commercial applications where a safety floor is not required. Our highest slip rated floors, Opus Enhance, are rated R11 and receive a 36+ wet pendulum test rating.

Opus Enhance

SP216-SR Fumo

Inspired by a unique batch of limestone sourced from a Lake District quarry in England, we were keen to introduce a product that authentically replicates the extraordinary details of the original. The smoky grey tones and sleek appearance will work effectively in both traditional and contemporary interiors. Fumo has a R11 slip resistance rating and a 15-year commercial guarantee.

Karndean: Opus Enhance SP216-SR Fumo

Art Select

HC01 Dawn Oak

Dawn Oak creates interest with smokey lowlights in the grain. Available in 36 x 6 inch planks, it combines a gentle surface texture with a realistic aged effect of knots, grains and other details.

Karndean Art Select HC01 Dawn Oak

Amtico: Commercial Non-Slip Flooring

Amtico Spacia 36+

0.55mm Safety LVT

Made for any commercial space where safety is paramount, Spacia 36+ LVT is made up of slip-resistant particles and antimicrobial technology, for long-lasting performance. Safety flooring doesn't have to be sheet. This is safety LVT.

10 year Commercial Warranty

  • Enhanced slip resistance for the lifetime of the product
  • Antimicrobial protection against MRSA and E.coli
  • Planks and tiles give enhanced design options

Amtico Spacia 36+ Metropolis smoke

Amtico Signature 36+

1.0mm safety lvt

Signature 36+ delivers sustainable slip resistance and meets the requirements of the enhanced slip standard, combined with the same extraordinary design philosophy that defines Amtico Signature.

20 year Commercial Warranty

  • Planks and tiles give enhanced design options
  • Enhanced slip resistance for the lifetime of the product
  • Antimicrobial protection against MRSA and E.coli

Amtico Signature 36+ Kura Anise

Specialist Non-Slip and Safety Flooring Experts: Hamilton flooring

The appearance and safety of your flooring is a key aspect to your commercial or retail business. Our flooring experts can consult with you on single area refits to full property flooring, helping you select the best flooring for your needs which represents your desired appearance. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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