Luxury Vinyl Tile - Realistic Wood Effect Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Tile - Realistic Wood Effect Flooring

Main Image: Amtico AR0W8440 Signature collection - Rotterdam Oak

The best flooring option to create an authentic looking wood floor

Luxury Vinyl Flooring is a versaTILE (pun intended) flooring solution which replicates the texture and appearance of real wood flooring with the added benefits of the characteristics of vinyl, plus the bonus of it being much kinder on the wallet. Usually found in tile or plank form, Luxury Vinyl flooring has been a popular choice for residential and commercial flooring for quite some time and with the sheer variety of options available, Luxury Vinyl Flooring is a firm favourite for many. Luxury Vinyl Tile (or LVT) and Luxury Vinyl Plank (or LVP) are almost indistinguishable from the real thing when it comes to natural material effects! This is primarily due to advancements in the manufacturing process and the multi-layer construction of Luxury Vinyl Flooring.

With small variances between brands, Luxury Vinyl Flooring is generally constructed from a solid vinyl backing followed by a rigid core upon which a print film layer is placed then layered with a clear protective material and finished off with a polyurethane coating. Because of this process, the aesthetics of the vinyl flooring are incredibly durable and long lasting with most products boasting at least a 10 year guarantee. Beyond this fact, the plank or tile flooring system that is Luxury Vinyl Flooring means that if any areas are inadvertently damaged, specific areas can be replaced at minimal cost and disruption whether in the home or in a commercial space.

Like Real Wood But Better!

If you are looking for the appearance of wood flooring without the associated downsides, Luxury Vinyl Flooring could be the flooring solution for you. Suited to all kinds of locations, wood effect Luxury Vinyl Flooring is the long-lasting, attractive and cost effective option which comes with additional benefits!

At Hamilton Flooring we work with some of the leading brands in the industry and our go-to's for all things luxury vinyl are Karndean and Amtico. Find out more about how these brands differ in our article ‘Karndean or Amtico...what’s the difference?’

When it comes to realistic wood effect vinyl flooring solutions, Karndean and Amtico really are leading the pack! Both companies use the latest technology to achieve outstanding true-to-life wood effect vinyl options which feature intricate grain details and the unique characteristics of real woods to provide the unmistakable appearance of the natural material! It’s so convincing, no one needs to know it's not the real thing!

Why Choose Luxury Vinyl Flooring Over Real Wood?

This is a really good point - if LVT is so realistic, what makes it better than the real thing? It goes without saying that Luxury Vinyl Tile can’t ever fully compete with the authenticity of real wood flooring, but equally with that authenticity comes some drawbacks. Natural wood is cooler underfoot so if you are looking for something a little warmer, LVT is the choice for you. Furthermore, Luxury Vinyl Flooring is suitable for use with underfloor heating systems. LVT also has the additional benefit of being sound dampening, softer underfoot, incredibly durable and with an astounding array of design options!

Natural Wood Vs Wood Effect LVT: Maintenance

Natural wood flooring is known for the intensive level of maintenance which is required to ensure that the floor remains attractive, protected and durable. Specific treatments and regular maintenance are required to prevent staining and damage to natural wood flooring, which are often costly and time-consuming. With it’s double protective top layer, Luxury Vinyl Flooring will never ‘wear-out’ - contrary to popular myths about synthetic wood flooring options - as the incredibly high quality ‘image’ is protected by both a protective layer and top coating (it should be noted that the number of layers and specific materials/coatings vary between manufacturers - more information can be found here or by contacting one of our flooring specialists). The same goes for wood effect Luxury Vinyl Flooring which has embossed elements to add to the textural realism of the product, these layers are always protected by a coating which can be recoated to refresh the flooring - although this is not normally required in the first decade of use. In terms of maintenance, Luxury vinyl Flooring requires only basic sweeping and mopping as needed and does not require specialist products (although you will be advised on products which are not suitable for use with this flooring by nature of overly harsh abrasion which will affect the longevity of the flooring).

Natural Wood Vs Wood Effect LVT: Cost & Comfort

Although it was once true to say that natural wood flooring was something of a costly luxury, there are now more affordable options available in certain types of wooden flooring. However, certain types of wood flooring will always remain expensive due to the type of wood being used. With Luxury Vinyl Flooring there are a huge variety of costing options and you can create the effect of an extremely expensive wooden flooring for a fraction of the cost with the additional benefits associated with a synthetic flooring solution. One of the main benefits is the increased level of comfort experienced with Luxury Vinyl flooring when compared to natural wood. There is additional cushioning with LVT as well as the benefit of extremely tight connections meaning that you won't experience creaks and groans from moving wood. Because wood is a natural product with porous characteristics and quirks, planks can warp and move over time creating uneven surfaces due to moisture and changes in temperature. This is not something that is a concern with LVT. Although extreme exposure to UV light is not recommended from an aesthetic perspective, the materials used within the layers which make up LVT are resistant to changes in temperature and are resistant to moisture. On that note it should be said that unlike sheet vinyl, LVT is water resistant rather than fully waterproof. If there were to be a flooding situation, LVT can be taken up, dried out and relaid, or sections replaced because of its modular laying system.

Natural Wood Vs Wood Effect LVT: Design Options

Both Karndean and Amtico boast a huge selection of design options for their wood effect Luxury Vinyl Flooring. From colour options to embossing, from ‘wood’ types and stain options to laying patterns - the sky really is the limit when it comes to Luxury Vinyl Flooring. With natural wood there is also a vast array of options available but different wood types will reflect a different level of expertise required to install it, different treatments required and limitations to laying patterns due to the cuts of wood, knots and organic nature of wood. If you are looking for a rustic feel, natural wood may be an option you could consider although it should be said that many rustic wood effect LVT options are available, so choosing Vinyl over the real thing never has to mean a compromise!

Examples of Realistic Wood Effect Luxury Vinyl Flooring

It would almost impossible to showcase all of the options available, so here at Hamilton Flooring we have selected three different wood effect Luxury Vinyl Flooring options from both Karndean and Amtico that we really love. Just to reiterate though, there are numerous styles available and with so many options to navigate, it can be hard to decide on the perfect flooring system and design choice for your flooring needs, that's where the experts at Hamilton Flooring come in! We are here to helpyou explore the LVT possibilities and advise on the most suitable options for your needs.

Hamilton Flooring’s Top Picks: Wood Effect Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Korlok RKP8107 Smoked Butternut

The classic tone of this flooring is timeless and elegant, perfect for use in the home. Also known as 'white walnut' the mid-tone colouring of the smoked butternut is a lighter option for those who enjoy walnut but find the deep colour of traditional American Black walnut to be too dark. The warmth of this flooring is suited to a variety of interior schemes and complements everything from a neutral colour palette to the strong, maximalist jewel colour ways which are currently popular.

The planks have been created with both straight and organic grain patterns with characteristic knots and quirks to add to that authentic feel.

Van Gogh VGW111T Light Distressed Oak

This warm toned, grey Oak effect flooring is from the Van Gogh range and provides a lighter take on rustic styling. This style is ideal for bars and restaurants who want to encapsulate a stylish, almost industrial feel whilst remaining light and airy.

With the appearance of naturally weathered oak, this vinyl features an impressively realistic array of stylised distress elements including cracks and discolouration which to the untrained eye may as well be the real thing! This weathered look would suit a mulitude of locations, whether bars, restaurants, retail units, salons or boutiques. Van Gogh designs are provided with a 15 year commercial guarantee.

Opus WP414 Argen

This Vinyl flooring is striking and sophisticated, with a touch of silver flowing through the distinctive charcoal wood effect. Argen screams luxury and would be well suited to residential interior style but we also think it makes for an excellent flooring solution for the hospitality industries.

It is smooth surfaced but features an impressive R10 slip rating making it not only super stylish but also a safe option for receptions and bar areas.


Voyage Oak SB5W3077 Amtico Click Smart

This traditional Oak grain effect vinyl is fantastic for home decor, its warmth carries a cooler undertone meaning it works with almost any design style. The traditional feel is effortless and works for both heritage styling and minimalist modern design. Although we think it's a beautiful choice for a home, it would also be great for commercial spaces like offices, shared residential space, shops and bars.

Voyage Oak effortlessly enhances any space and with its incredible realism, the fact that it isn't real oak can be your little secret.

Barrel Oak Cotton FK7W3302 Amtico Form

The creamy calming tone of this oak variation is so soft and serene it would make for a stunning flooring option for a spa treatment room or salon. The light and airy colour alongside the flowing natural grain serves to provide a striking yet subtle impact which is incredibly stylish.

A close up of the grain shows the nuance in the detail which makes Luxury Vinyl Tile so successful in replicating natural materials.

Ink Wash Wood AR0W8230 Amtico Signature

We had to include the incredible ink wash wood from Amtico's Signature collection, it is so striking and unusual! With indigo hues and long swooping wood grain pattern, there is a gorgeous juxtaposition between the bold colour effect and the delicate swirl of the wood grain.

This is a truly contemporary finish and would suit any space which aims to be bold and unique! This would be well suited to a modern apartment or a cool themed bar in equal measure. The fluid feel of this flooring is really enjoyable and makes a real statement.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring at Hamilton Flooring

The applications of Luxury Vinyl Tile and Luxury Vinyl Planks are varied and adaptable, with so many options to choose from and so many locations to which it is suited. Hamilton Flooring are your local flooring specialists and LVT installation experts and are here to help you with any project big or small, residential or commercial and everything in between. To find out more about our Luxury Vinyl Flooring services and to book a consultation, get in touch today

Unless otherwise stated, Images are used for illustrative purposes and do not represent work untaken by Hamilton flooring - examples of work completed can be found in our Gallery

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