Leisure Flooring Supply and Installation in the West Midlands

Leisure Flooring Supply and Installation in the West Midlands

With New Year coming up we are of course reflecting on last year's new year's resolutions. Like a lot of the UK population, fitness tends to be high on the list of personal resolutions which is why 12% of gym memberships are signed up for in January!

With all that additional footfall, the flooring at gyms and leisure centres tends to take a beating. Leisure flooring is a specialist service offered by Hamilton flooring and covers (pun intended) everything from changing rooms, reception areas, cafes, wet spaces and fitness suites. Our expert flooring installation team will consult on the best flooring solution for each space in your facility and provide you with an expertly laid floor which will last for many years to come. Custom flooring options are available and allow for the addition of company branding as well as unique and interesting designs which will promote your aesthetic.

Hamilton Flooring works with some of the leading manufacturers of specialist leisure, gym and recreational flooring and has built strong relationships with these brands over several decades meaning that we are able to pass on savings to you, we understand the importance of working within a set budget and this has never been more important than now.

When choosing flooring for a leisure facility, it is often the case that areas outside of the main fitness suites and sports halls are neglected. But spaces such as offices, walkways, stairs, reception spaces and corridors also deserve great flooring solutions. It is crucial that all leisure facility flooring is carefully selected to ensure that staff and visitors are safe at all times and that your gym or leisure centre has the look you want to achieve.

Non-slip safety flooring for Leisure and Gym Facilities

Safety flooring is a necessity for gym and leisure facilities, particularly in changing rooms and areas around swimming pools or spa areas. These areas need flooring to perform three main functions; to be hygienic, non-slip and durable. Often these areas are walked upon by people with bare feet and these areas are likely to experience wetness and moisture. Reducing the risk of slipping or falling in these areas is a high priority.

Polyflor: Polysafe Verona PUR Horizon Blue

Amtico Signature: Alpine Oak

Flooring for communal and staff areas at gym or leisure facilities

These are some of the most neglected areas at leisure centres and gyms in terms of flooring considerations but are often the areas which experience some of the highest footfall. These are also the areas which have the most flexibility in terms of design and material for their flooring solutions. Carpet tiles are well suited to certain parts of reception areas or offices and can create features and highlight wayfinding systems. Carpet tile is a popular choice for waiting and viewing areas and between designated workout areas in gyms, this allows for a distinction between travelling space and specific workout zones.

Forbo Flotex Carpet Tile

Carpet tiles are a cost effective way of adding some luxury to your facility as well as warmth, comfort and sound dampening. Individual tiles can easily be replaced should they experience damage which is far easier than replacing an entire floor...not to mention more budget friendly!

Hamilton flooring

Intricate patterns and designs can be created with carpet tile using custom flooring techniques, allowing for a bespoke finish and personalised aspects should this be desired.

Reception areas benefit from commercial entrance matting which can also be customised with bespoke brand inlays to welcome visitors the moment they step in the building. Commercial entrance matting provides an efficient barrier against outdoor dirt and grime being walked through the building and are incredibly durable. Find out more in our article: Commercial Entrance Matting

Vinyl tile is also a popular choice for smaller communal and staff areas as they are easy to maintain, water resistant and attractive with many realistic wood and stone options being available, particularly from Luxury Vinyl Tile brands such as Karndean or Amtico.

Hamilton Flooring

For larger areas such as cafe's, lobbys andwalkways, vinyl tile or plank may be well suited. Polyflor, Forbo and Altro are all trusted suppliers working with Hamilton Flooring to provide quality Vinyl flooring systems with specialist products adhering to safety flooring standards with anti-slip technology and water resistant properties. Vinyl, in comparison to some other hard surface flooring, offers high levels of thermal and acoustic properties and won't chip, warp or discolour.

Strong and Durable Gym and Leisure Flooring

It is key that flooring in sports and fitness spaces needs to be strong and durable whilst being able to support heavy machinery and equipment. Furthermore, a quality floor provides impact shock absorption which is important as this cushions joints, tendons and muscles and reduces the chance of injury. In the same line of thinking, it is crucial to contemplate how your choice of flooring provides grip...just enough for traction but not so much that natural movement is hindered for the gym-goers. Sufficient grip is an imperative for the safety of all as it not only helps prevent injury but also prevents unintentional machinery and equipment movement. Read more in our article Specialist Flooring: Gyms, Leisure Centres and Sports Facilities

Specialist leisure flooring experts: Hamilton flooring

The appearance of your flooring will make a lasting impression on all your visitors so damaged and dated flooring is detrimental to your business in an ever more competitive industry. Our flooring experts can consult with you on single area refits to full leisure centre flooring, helping you select the best flooring for your needs which represents your desired appearance. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Unless otherwise stated, Images are used for illustrative purposes and do not represent work untaken by Hamilton flooring - examples of work completed can be found in our Gallery

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