Karndean or Amtico?

Karndean or Amtico... What's the Difference?

An often asked question by our clients in the domestic sector is "What is the difference between Karndean and Amtico?" and "Why is Amtico more expensive then Karndean?". This being the case, we thought it would be a worthwhile excercise writing a useful article to help you make a more informed desicion between the two for your home. But which ever you choose, rest assured both products are well designed and manufactured and offer an extremely high level of durability.

Please note: This article is intended to be a useful resource and we have not been paid to present information in a particular way to favour either company. We are trying to give a fair an balanced view.

Are Karndean and Amtico effectively the same product?

They, offer similar finishes but the manufacturing process differs. But we'll go into more detail here about why and how it effects the pricing for both manufacturers.


Karndean flooring is a type of vinyl flooring consisting of five layers - two PVC backing layers, one high definition photographic layer, a clear PVC embossed layer and a polyurethane (PU) protective coating on top. They tend to have a slightly glossy finish.


Amtico is also a type of vinyl flooring but the manufacturing process differs. Amtico consists of resin and plasticisers compressed under high temperatures and pressures to produce a thin, highly durable product.

The finished article often has a closer resemblance to wood and stone.

Is Amtico more expensive than Karndean?

Yes, amtico is generally more expensive than Karndean.

It would be an educated guess to assume that this is due to a more expensive manufacturing process and the fact it is made in the UK. Perhaps also, the heritage of the company comes into play here. Either way, expect to pay more for Amtico.

Remember though - you do tend to get what you pay for.

Which is more popular?

Due to it's lower price bracket and comparable quality Karndean is perhaps the more popular of the two. Or at least the amount of enquiries and installations at Hamilton Flooring would certainly reflect that.

Where are they manufactured?


Amtico is designed and made in Coventry right here in the UK.
Below are some useful links about Amtico:-


Karndean is made in Asia but its headquarters are in the UK. It has offices and distribution centres in Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.
Below are some useful links about Karndean:-

How durable are these products?

Both options are extremely durable, but of course, as ever it is always recomended to check warranty and guarantees on a per product basis and upon any purchase. We've compiled some useful links to the manufacturers warranty and guarantee info below, but to summarise; where you see Karndeans lifetime' guarantee, this means 35 years. Likewise with Amtico, the statement 'lifetime' = 35 years. This only applies to Amtico's signature collection however, so we do advise you take a look at the relevant links below.

Are they slip resistant?

Like any smooth flooring surfaces, liquids will make them slippery. Both manufacturers do attempt to make their domestic product ranges slip resistant, however it is always advisable to clean up any water or liquid on your floor to avoid accidents.

If you happen to be looking for commercial non-slip products, both manufacturers offer commercial solutions. As ever be sure to check their ratings to make sure it meets the requirements for your application.

To summarise

Both manufacturers are well reputed which is testament to their product quality, customer service, product range and pricing point. Often the main factor guiding your decision will be budget. Where this is the case, we more often then not see people go for Karndean as it tends to be slightly cheaper. If budget is not so important, then it's more likely going to be Amtico for you.

If you are interested in certain finishes, then this will be product specific. A more matte finish with a natural looking wood or stone grain is generally the norm from Amtico. Karndean's tends to have sligtly more shine.

One thing is for sure... Whichever you choose, we are confident you'll be please with the finish.

If you are looking for a flooring specialist to install Karndean in your home or commercial space then give us a call on 01926 962770. You can find out more about our floorings services and flooring options if required.

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