Is Linoleum Back in Fashion? Flooring Trends at Hamilton Flooring

Is Linoleum Back in Fashion? Flooring Trends at Hamilton Flooring

Main Image: Forbo Marmoleum Modular: linear te5217, te5235 & Shade t3717, t3718

Does the term Lino make you nostalgic for the muted clip-clap of shoes across your grandmothers’ unevenly faded kitchen floor? Does it bring to mind the quintessential 1980’s/1990’s checkered patterned bathroom floor (and also somehow fleur de lys wallpaper?). Well, we at Hamilton Flooring are here to tell you that not only is lino not the outdated flooring solution you think, but it is growing massively in popularity due to its durability, affordability, design range and eco-friendly properties! That's right….Lino is back!

We started to see a growth of interest in Linoleum in 2019 when it began to gain traction in the world of interior design. During 2020 the popularity of linoleum flooring grew as people were confined to their homes during the pandemic lockdown. Many people took advantage of this time to plan and undertake some home improvements, from garden bars to entire home renovations!

Linoleum flooring, or Lino as it is more commonly known, has had a complete makeover! Modern Linoleum is incredibly durable, eco-friendly, affordable (but high-quality!) and features a wide range of designs and styles - making it a great flooring solution for the contemporary home or business!

Why is Linoleum Popular?

Beyond the fact that increased exposure across social media sharing platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram has brought Linoleum to a new generation of homeowners and businesses alike. The properties of modern Linoleum make it the stylish and ethical choice for both commercial and domestic flooring.

Linoleum: Eco-Friendly Flooring

Not to be confused with Vinyl which is created using synthetic materials, Linoleum is manufactured using all natural components. It is easy to confuse the two flooring types because they look and feel very similar (although remain distinct). Because of the materials used and manufacturing process, Linoleum is considered one of the most eco-friendly flooring types available to consumers. Made from natural products such as linseed oil and cork dust, linoleum does not contain plastics and does not require the same level of chemical use in the manufacturing process as some other flooring types. In fact, Lino is so natural it is actually recyclable. Did we mention that it is also considered hypoallergenic and antibacterial!

Linoleum: Stylish & Varied Flooring

Rid your mind of the old fashioned designs and styles found in the sheet lino you may be familiar with. Modern Linoleum is also available in plank and tile form (much like Luxury Vinyl Flooring) and can be used to create almost endless designs. Natural style Linoleum is available to replicate wood and stone materials at a more affordable price - although it is our personal opinion that although fantastic, nothing quite beats the realism which can be achieved through stone/wood effect LVT. That being said, the natural effect Linoleum is beautifully stylish and certainly worth considering when you take into account the properties, durability and eco-friendly nature of Linoleum.

Where Linoleum really comes into its own is with bold graphic styles! Modern and unique styles can be achieved using Linoleum to create really striking spaces which have the wow-factor. Linoleum works really well in areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and hallways….or anywhere really...but it is particularly well suited to areas of high foot traffic, an increased risk of spills and dirt and areas where you want to create a unique and beautiful floor.

Image: Forbo Marmoleum, Duddells London - replicated with thanks to Forbo Tailor-Made . Marmoleum Walton in: Bottle Green, Petrol, Lilac & Cement

Linoleum: An Affordable Flooring Option

What has not changed is the affordability of Linoleum. The main reason for its prevalence in the 1950’s, 1980’s and the early part of the 1990’s (before laminate flooring exploded onto the market thanks to shows like changing rooms!) was due to its affordability. In fact, this benefit of Linoleum became its downfall to an extent as it became seen as ‘cheap’ and a bit ‘tacky’. Though it remains affordable, modern Linoleum is anything BUT ‘cheap & tacky’ looking!

When you compare the price of Linoleum with LVT options and other Eco-friendly options, it certainly wins in the pocket friendly category. With Linoleum flooring, it is easy to achieve almost any design you may desire and installation is relatively quick and easy (when completed by the professionals at Hamilton Flooring of course!). Linoleum Flooring can be in sheet form and secured with adhesive, or planks, tiles or panels of Linoleum can come as interlocking systems and installed as a floating floor. As tiles and planks are options with Linoleum, it shares the benefit of spot replacement with LVT systems whereby if an area gets damaged, this area of the flooring can be replaced rather than requiring the whole floor to be replaced at greater cost.

Linoleum: A Durable Flooring for Home or Business

If you weren’t already sold on the benefits of Linoleum flooring, let's talk durability. With such affordability it is sometimes thought that a compromise must be made on quality, this is absolutely not the case when it comes to modern Linoleum. Linoleum flooring is surprisingly durable and can last anywhere up to 20-40 years if properly maintained! Similarly to Vinyl/LVT, we would recommend avoiding dragging heavy furniture across Linoleum to prevent scratching and puncturing but generally Linoleum is a tough flooring solution. Linoleum is hard to dent and is water resistant - though large amounts of standing water may be problematic as would be expected….so if your washing machine breaks down or the bath is overfilled, it is recommended that liquid is removed as quickly as possible and the floor allowed to dry out fully. If you are looking for a hard-working, easy to maintain flooring solution, Linoleum might well be the flooring choice for you!

Image: Forbo Marmoleum, Neoworks London Office Interior - replicated with thanks to Forbo. Marmoleum Modular Colour in Chartreuse & Pine Forest and Modular Marble in Serene Grey & Lava

Linoleum Brand Focus: Forbo

For many people, linoleum flooring is synonymous with old fashioned and cheap style, but some creative flooring designers have breathed new life into the material. One such brand is Forbo. Forbo has created an iconic Linoleum flooring under the brand name Marmoleum (as well as having distinct linoleum ranges specifically addressing issues of acoustics and sound reduction as well as conductive linoleum which adresses higher requirements for electrical conductivity. With electrical resistance improved to < 1-10 8 Ω (EN1081), personal safety is ensured and equipment sensitive to static electricity is protected.)

Marmoleum is well regarded as a high-quality and sustainable choice and is really popular among Hamilton Flooring clients (both domestic and commercial!). Forbo creates Marmoleum from 97% natural raw materials and ensures that all of the harvesting of these materials is done ethically using companies with established ethical working conditions and fair treatment of employees. Social accountability and the celebration of craftsmanship is a core part of Forbos brand ethos.

The main ingredient in Marmoleum is Flax Seed Oil from the Flax plant, an easy to cultivate annual crop which is also used in the textile industry. Wood flour is another ingredient found in Marmoleum and is sourced from the waste product of the timber industry. The woods utilised are never tropical hardwoods associated with deforestation and all wood products are from sustainable sources. The Flax seed used in the manufacture of Marmoleum is pressed to release oil, this oil is then mixed with Pine Rosin sourced from controlled forestry areas to create a flexible binder. The backing of Marmoleum is created from woven jute (also known as hessian or burlap) which is a natural, plentiful and renewable vegetable fibre. Perhaps surprisingly, another material used in Marmoleum production is limestone, this abundant resource is the second most available natural material after sand. Finally, the pigment used in the creation of the stunning colours and designs is ecologically friendly and organic.

Forbo Marmoleum Tiles

We love working with the modular tile range, with over 50 colours and three tile sizes the customisation options are endless.

Marmoleum Modular Range Properties

Made by Nature

• Tiles are made from natural raw materials mainly harvested from annual crops

• Marmoleum is highly environmentally friendly with a low carbon footprint

• No PVC or phthalates; low emitting

Designed to Create

• Marmoleum Modular delivers a natural, realistic look & feel

• Enhanced design freedom - a wide choice to mix and match

• Colours balanced to the latest trends

• Embossed textures create vibrant flooring effects

Reliable in Use

• Marmoleum Modular is dimensionally stable, durable and easy to clean and maintain

• Tiles handle easily; reduced waste after installation, no welding is needed.

• Allergy UK approved

(L-R) Image : Modular Lines t5218 & t5231 & Textura tes218 & te5373. Image 2: Modular Marble t3216 & t3232 & Shade t3717 & t3718

Marmoleum Click

Another favourite among Hamilton Flooring's Clients is the Marmoleum Click range. A premium quality, easy to install flooring system crafted from natural materials, Marmoleum Click is available in a range of 23 colours from calming neutrals to vibrant bolds, Marmoleum Click helps you create attractive personal spaces unique to your home and lifestyle.

Marmoleum Click is not only extremely tough, it’s also easy to care for. Its top layer is Forbo Marmoleum - a natural, sustainable product. Behind this is a layer of water repellent HDF (high density fibre board) and a back layer of cork.

A simple locking system means the pieces slot together, then click into place. And as the panels leave no seams when they’re connected, it's simple to create a beautifully smooth finish quickly - no need for adhesives!

Marmoleum Click also improves live for people with asthmatic allergies and similar disorders. Not only is it anti-static (which is why it is so easy to keep dust-free), but its proven bacteriostatic properties inhibit micro-organisms as well.

(L-R) Image 1: 333355 rosemary green Image 2: Marmoleum Click 933573 trace of nature

Marmoleum Linear

Marmoleum Linear is a classic design which creates a really stylish finish with a gorgeous textural feel. With earthy palettes, the Linear range is very en vogue with interior design trends for 2021.

• Organic linear pattern
• Authentic earthy colour palette
• Embossed designs to add tactility and texture
• Designs combine beautifully with wood, glass and metal
• Define spaces using colour, texture and different installation approaches
• A nature-inspired textured design that brings the floor to life.

Image: Marmoleum Linear Striato e5231 Cliffs of Moher

Marmoleum Marbled

The characteristics of Marmoleum make it a great choice for almost all flooring application areas, such as healthcare, aged care, education, retail and leisure & hospitality. Marmoleum Marbled is a popular choice for its ease of maintenance and aesthetic retention as well as being bacteriostatic throughout its lifecourse. As with other Marmoleum products it us Allergy UK approved and there are specialist acoustic and static control versions available making it a popular option for educational settings, retail environments and other high foot traffic commercial settings.

• Largest sustainable floor covering colour bank.
• The softer, natural feel of Marbled complements woods and stones beautifully
• Its blend of colours promises versatility when combining with other surfaces
• Different patterns can be mixed effortlessly or used alone
• Attractive organic structures catch the eye and deliver uniqueness

(L-R) Image 1: Marmoleum Marbled Real 3173. Image 2: Marmoleum Marbled Vivace 3420

Linoleum Flooring Consultation, Preparation & Installation at Hamilton Flooring

Hamilton Flooring are a nationwide professional flooring company based in the West Midlands, offering a large range of products and services to suit any requirement. Our flooring experts can advise, plan, supply and fit your linoleum flooring, no matter the project size or sector. Contact Hamilton Flooring to find out more.

Unless otherwise stated, Images are used for illustrative purposes and do not represent work untaken by Hamilton flooring - examples of work completed can be found in our Gallery

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