Hardwearing Carpets for Schools & Colleges

Hardwearing Carpets for Schools & Colleges

Education Sector Flooring Solutions

Main Image: Desso Classroom Airmaster Carpet Tile

There are very specific requirements and quality control checks required for flooring solutions in the education sector. Performance led solutions which are cost-effective, hardwearing, resistant to damage from high foot traffic, easy to maintain and attractive are the most appropriate flooring options for any educational facility whether it is a nursery, school, college, university or otherwise.

Hamilton flooring has been providing and fitting high quality educational flooring solutions for the best part of three decades and our experience and knowledge of the sector means we are able to provide the best flooring for your needs, all within your budget constraints and with as little disruption as possible. 2020 and 2021 have provided enough disruption to the education sector and we understand the importance of having hardwearing, functional flooring. With the summer holidays fast approaching (although it certainly doesn’t feel that way with lockdowns and school closures!), Now is the time to contact Hamilton Flooring for your School or education flooring consultation, design and installation ready for the start of a new academic year in September.

At Hamilton Flooring we work with the best suppliers in the industry such as Desso Tarkett, Burmatex and Heckmondwike. Our team of professional flooring experts are incredibly knowledgeable on the requirements of school flooring, this means we are able to deliver the highest quality flooring solutions across the entire education section and are on hand to consult and advise on the finer details of the selection process.

With different flooring requirements across different areas of educational facilities, we have discussed different locations in our articles: Education Sector Flooring - Schools, Colleges, Universities and everything in between! Best Flooring for Laboratories and Science Rooms, and Commercial Entrance Matting. These articles address a multitude of flooring types but this article looks at hard wearing carpet for schools and colleges.

Where Are Carpets Most Suitable in Schools?

Schools, colleges and Universities require low-maintenance and attractive flooring which is safe as well as stylish, with characteristics lending them to the use of the space they are within. Hamilton Flooring recommends flooring which is designed to be conducive to learning but also super durable and resistant to all that your educational facility can throw at them. Safety, hygiene and accessibility are priorities but that does not mean that aesthetic impact must be an afterthought. The world-leading manufacturers of sheet carpet and carpet tile suited to schools provide stylish and attractive options which also meet the challenges of any learning environment.

Hardwearing Carpet for Receptions and Common areas

The reception area of any educational facility is often the first impression made on students, guests and families. These areas need to be clean and welcoming whilst also showcasing your school, college or university identity. Custom branding including coat of arms, logos and mascots can be created using carpet tile to create an impactful first impression. The laying pattern of carpet tiles can also provide wayfinding services to all which can be particularly useful in large institutions.

Brumatex lateral®, zip and code, burmatex® structure bonded® carpet tiles- St. Matthews Primary School designed by Emily Steaggles

Common areas and receptions are often places of gathering, the sound dampening properties of carpet can be fully utilised in these areas to help create the appropriate ambiance. Commercial carpets are designed to withstand incredible amounts of foot traffic for many many years before showing signs of wear. Carpet is easy to maintain and with carpet tiles there is the option to spot replace should an area become overly damaged. With an incredible array of styles, constructions and designs, it has never been simpler to design your reception area and common room flooring.

Carpet for School Classrooms

Classrooms are where students spend the majority of their time. These spaces need to consider the impact of their interior design on the learning process so flooring options should be carefully selected. Colour, acoustics and light all impact the learning experience and distractions from wildly patterned flooring or hard echoing spaces are not conducive to a positive space.

Burmatex: lateral® – carpet tiles, cordiale – carpet tiles, chevrolay 50 alpha grey & cordiale brazilian sky - Netherthorpe School

Our preferred carpet suppliers have ranges which have been specifically designed for educational spaces with colour and patterns used which have been proven to improve attention levels. Noise reduction properties of carpet not only reduce the amount of sound from within the classroom such as foot tapping, talking or moving around the room, they also reduce the noise travelling to other classrooms. Reducing these distractions help students to maintain concentration. Additionally, specialist education carpets contribute to indoor air quality and don't require chemical based cleaning which may leave toxic residue.

Carpet for Lecture Halls, Study Centres, Libraries & Open Access Spaces

The properties which carpet well suited to classrooms also extend to lecture halls, libraries and study spaces. Additional considerations include the capacity for the chosen carpet to manage heavy loads such as rows of bookcases or desks and computers.

Heckmondwike: Commercial Carpet Tiles - Pix Brook Academy, Stotfold

Color and design choice is also important in these spaces to optimise the learning experience, encourage concentration and create a calm and welcoming environment. Acoustic backing is available for some carpet tile types to increase the sound dampening properties of the carpet, this may be a wise consideration for quiet zones such as study rooms and libraries.

Carpet for Administrative Offices & Staff Rooms

It is not just classrooms and learning spaces which require flooring solutions. Offices and staff spaces can also benefit from well chosen flooring. Carpet provides a welcoming environment to promote productivity and wellbeing. With easily cleaned flooring which also contribute to acoustics and air quality are the key to a great office or staff room.

Office Carpet Tile Installation - Hamilton Flooring

These are often areas which are away from the main student population and are likely to experience less foot traffic than common areas but a hard wearing carpet is still a great choice. Particularly in administrative offices which may experience the back and forth of office chairs and staff movement throughout the day.

The staff room is an area to rest, relax and recharge between classes. This space needs to feel homely and welcoming whilst also being able to withstand the daily challenges of usage. Lunches and coffees are often enjoyed in these areas so ensuring that carpeted areas are easy to clean and maintain in the event of spillages is as important as the overall atmosphere and aesthetic which the flooring contributes to.

Student Accommodation Carpet

If your educational facility has borders or perhaps is a college or university with accommodation available, flooring can help create a home from home for its occupants.

Carpets can inject warmth and comfort into a room and make it feel like a home away from home. The noise reduction properties can also be helpful for late night studying and helping to maintain a peaceful space perfect for relaxing, socialising and studying.

Carpet for Nurseries, Preparatory Schools & Pre-Schools

When creating spaces for nurseries, prep schools and pre-schools, flooring plays a major part in its design. Flooring in these facilities need to promote mobility and movement, particularly for those new to walking. For those in crawling stages, comfort will also be a priority. Low pile carpets with stable surface construction are ideal for these environments.

Desso Tarkett Nursery installation

Our floors are easy to maintain, and never require toxic pollutants to keep them clean making them a great choice for any young learner space. With these kinds of facilities, creative design can be really fun, with bright colours to stimulate and engage being favoured. Interesting laying patterns can also be employed to facilitate activities with set zones and pathways being prominent.

Stylish & Functional Carpet: Carpet Tiles for Schools & Colleges

Carpet tiles are widely recognised as the perfect alternative to wall-to-wall carpeting in areas which require the characteristics of carpet but with the added benefit of the ability to replace individual tiles should spills or damage be acquired in the daily use of a carpeted area.

Furthermore, the variety of colour and pattern options is astounding and there is surely a combination for everyone! Once fitted, carpet tile gives the appearance of wall-to-wall carpeting rather than piecemeal sections. Having said this, intricate patterns and designs can be created with carpet tile using custom flooring techniques, allowing for a bespoke finish and personalised aspects should this be desired.

Heckmondwike: Supracord carpet tiles

Carpet tile absorbs more than three times more noise than a hardwood floor and traditional hard flooring such as wood and concrete are very poor at sound absorption whereas a cushion backed carpet tile offers 50% more absorption than a hard backed carpet. The cushioning properties of carpet tiles are also a consideration as they provide a padded environment which is low-impact and hardworking.

Carpet tiles are simple and quick to install, which is important as it is not ideal to have spaces within schools, nurseries and universities as unusable for extended periods of time.

Education Sector Carpets at Hamilton Flooring

Hamilton Flooring offers a wide range of flooring solutions and with our expertise in the industry you are in good hands. So whether you are looking to update and upgrade existing flooring or if you are starting from scratch, there’s a flooring solution for you!

For more information about the services provided by Hamilton Flooring or to book a free consultation for your school or education sector flooring needs, our experts are on hand to explore the creative and practical elements you require.

Unless otherwise stated, Images are used for illustrative purposes and do not represent work untaken by Hamilton flooring - examples of work completed can be found in our Gallery

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