Hamilton Flooring: Complete Flooring Solutions at Jacques Restaurant & Bar in Knowle

Hamilton Flooring: Complete Flooring Solutions at Jacques Restaurant & Bar in Knowle

Creating Stylish Flooring for a New Restaurant and Bar

Just outside of Solihull, on the stunning Knowle High Street, sits Jacques Restaurant and Bar. Named for the award winning Chef de patron, Jacques Van Der Merwe the restaurant & bar is an elegant and sophisticated establishment with a menu reflecting this.

Hamilton Flooring were tasked with flooring the entire space this Autumn ready for their grand opening. The restaurant and bar is a sizable building with many distinct spaces across two floors including a garden terrace, a lavish private dining room and Warren’s Bar (a must-visit for any Whiskey lovers)!

After an initial consultation and site visit, our team of expert flooring professionals set to work to bring the vision for each space to life. There were several considerations to be made with this project particularly with flooring solutions for the commercial kitchen, individual bar areas, walkways and carpeted areas. The concept was to ensure luxurious and stylish flooring throughout which complimented the interior design scheme whilst also making a statement and would be hard wearing enough to endure heavy footfall.

Entrance Matting: Foyer

Hamilton Flooring wanted to ensure that the moment you walk in the door at Jacques restaurant and bar, you are greeted with the elegance and luxury that will be enjoyed throughout your visit. This meant that not just any entrance matting would do. The purpose of entrance matting is to remove the outside world and reduce the amount of contaminants being walked through the rest of the building but often these practical requirements mean that the appearance is overlooked.

Through discussion with the clients we selected entrance matting from Jaymart, choosing a dappled blue which would complement the colours in the main foyer carpet. The traffic barrier carpeting from Jaymart features thousands of unique built-in scraper coils which allow for incredible efficiency in dirt and grit removal. This matting is highly effective at removing shoeborne moisture and dirt whilst retaining its appearance. Many entrance mats soon look very tired and worn, but the durability of this product means that this matting will be welcoming guests to Jacques for many years without losing its attractive appearance.

Safety Flooring: Commercial Kitchen

With an award winning chef and incredible menus featuring a modern take on classic fine British cuisine, the kitchen at Jacques is where the magic happens...but for that magic to happen, a safe and practical flooring was required.

One of the leading manufacturers in safety flooring, Altro, provided the perfect solution with its Altro Stronghold 30. Designed specifically for commercial kitchens, Altro’s Stronghold 30 Safety flooring is ideal for use in any area used for food preparation as well as service areas. Altro Stronghold 30 is not only professional looking but incredibly durable and ideal for use in a commercial kitchen where regular cleaning takes place as well as frequent spills and temperature fluctuations. This product provides the highest level of slip resistance even with grease, oils and other common contaminants.

Carpet: Dining Areas and Walkways

Throughout the dining space and corridors, carpet was installed which creates a gorgeous focal point whilst also maintaining the feel of luxury and elegance as well as being welcoming and inviting.

The main carpeting was chosen from Ege carpets from Denmark’s Rawline Scala collection which encompasses the rawness of a flatwoven look and feel with acoustic and practical advantages making this an excellent interior design choice as well as one which can withstand the usage of the space. With three design themes within the collection, the heritage patchwork style was chosen for its dynamic design which is reminiscent of the textures and designs found through denim combined with the feel and classic elegance of a gentleman’s suit with undulating patterns throughout. The design chosen perfectly encompassed the feel of the interior of the restaurant and bar and the ‘Beige’ colourway was chosen, though don't be fooled, although the name states beige it is anything but boring! With deep greens and greys highlighted by warm neutral tones, the carpet looks striking throughout.

This carpet choice was not purely based on design either, the flooring materials are produced from regenerated and regenerable ECONYL® yarns partly consisting of used fishing nets that are collected, cleaned and reborn as strong carpet yarns. All carpet tiles come with ege’s patented Cradle to Cradle Certified Ecotrust backing created through an innovative technique transforming water bottles to a soft yet strong PET felt with superior acoustic performance.

For the private dining room, the Atelier collection by Monsieur Christian Lacroix at Ege provided the perfect carpeting solution. With lush motifs, the Perse design is a dramatic deep red featuring an intricate mosaic of design giving the feel of walking on a beautiful tapestry inspired by 19th century high fashion.

Luxury Vinyl Tile: Bars and Convenience Areas

Continuing with a heritage feel, Luxury vinyl Tile was used for bar areas and the bathrooms. Amtico Décor perfectly encapsulates the classic styling of the flooring aesthetic throughout the restaurant and bar. Amtico Décor provides a period feel with modern elements creating a stylish flooring with the durability to withstand the practical demands of the space.

The designs in the range have been modelled on classic designs found in the Amtico archives which blends the traditional and modern beautifully. Each style in the collection has complementary borders and edging tiles which complete the look. For the Jacques restaurant and bar, the Amtico Décor classic mono was selected for its Victorian era styling and striking and elegant monochromatic design. The contrast of the black and white makes for a bold statement and one which paired well with the bathroom interiors as well as being a stand-out, eye-catching feature to highlight the bar areas. With the Amtico Flooring in monochrome, the deep, jewel toned green leather and gold fixtures of the wooden bar really stand out and are very attractive.

Bar and Restaurant Flooring by Hamilton Flooring

Creating the flooring for Jacques Restaurant and Bar allowed for the use of creative designs and stylish elements which is always enjoyable. Seeing how all the elements came together, from the LVT to the carpet and the safety flooring alongside all the interior design elements was wonderful. The careful selection of flooring type and design for each area of the building really makes a significant impact on the overall feel and atmosphere of the restaurant and bar, not just from colour and design schemes but also thinking about texture and the way each specific design denotes the use of the area. Walking into Jacques you are immediately drawn to the exquisite decor and the flooring perfectly complements the ‘feel’ of opulence and luxury whilst also being welcoming. Don't just take our word for it, enjoy a virtual tour and see for yourselves!

We can't wait to enjoy an evening of fine dining at Jacques ourselves!

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