Flooring for Holiday Parks, Resorts and Holiday Rentals

Flooring for Holiday Parks, Resorts and Holiday Rentals

Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of life is a luxury no longer limited to the elite, and with more and more options for ‘holiday’s at home’ the UK, the British tourism industry is having something of a surge with more and more people choosing to stay in/visit the UK for their holidays. There are numerous and complicated reasons for this but one of the main reasons is purely that holiday resorts and parks have seriously upped their game in terms of what they offer in terms of facilities, entertainment, sports and leisure facilities as well as the variety and quality of accomodations.

A UK-wide holiday park and campsite sector economic report (wonderfully entitled ‘pitching the value’) published in February 2019, demonstrated the impact of the sector when it revealed that they cumulatively generate £9.3bn annually in visitor expenditure. As well as being a significant profit generator, holiday parks and campsites employ almost 200,000 full time employees annually, not including seasonal and part-time employees...it’s big business! You may be asking yourself why a flooring company is talking about holiday parks, resorts and holiday rentals? Well, simply put, with over 2.1 million visitors to centre parcs each year, upwards of 400,000 visitors to individual Butlins locations annually, and numbers exceeding 1.75 million visitors to Hoseasons sites around the UK, that’s a lot of footfall to accommodate!

Don’t worry though, this article looks at flooring solutions across the tourism industry and how you can create luxury without breaking the bank, as well as considering the best solutions for the many locations within holiday parks and resorts which require carefully thought-out flooring options. Furthermore, we will look at flooring for holiday rentals so whether you are looking for the best flooring for your holiday rental, holiday park accommodation, resort leisure facilities or behind the scenes locations such as staff rooms and offices, Hamilton Flooring is on hand to advise and inspire!

Communal Areas

Regardless of the type of accommodation you offer your guests, chances are there are communal areas to be considered - the exception here being holiday rentals perhaps! For holiday parks and resorts, the first chance you have to make an impression on your guests is in your reception space. Entrance matting plays a huge role in a reception space, not just from an aesthetic point-of-view but also from a practical standpoint. Though it may be true that entrance matting performs the role of allowing visitors to wipe the world off their feet before entering your reception space it is also a prime spot for promoting brand identity and establishing the feel of your holiday park. A welcoming reception area will not only get your guests in the right frame of mind for some fun and relaxation but a well designed and well kept floor will also set the standard for quality throughout the park or resort.

To find out more,read Commercial Entrance Matting to see how a durable and stylish entrance can elevate your business.

Leisure Facilities

Leisure facilities at holiday parks and resorts are an absolute highlight for guests and as such will receive a high volume of visits throughout the year...meaning the flooring has to be specialist, durable, easy to maintain and attractive to visitors! Whether you are looking for high-quality sports and fitness surfaces for indoor courts, luxurious but hardy flooring for spas and salons, or extremely hard wearing and purpose designed flooring for fitness centres and gyms - Hamilton flooring provides specialist services for use across a variety of leisure facilities. Health and fitness suites, gyms, leisure centres and other such buildings need not be sterile environments with no personality - these spaces can easily be transformed with a simple change of flooring! So whatever the activity, Hamilton Flooring can provide the most stylish and effective solution. So whether you prioritise acoustically-engineered shock pads to reduce the transference of impact and vibration for HIIT classes and machine areas, or thick comfortable surfaces with a highly elegant finish for yoga studios or even if you need super durable solutions for a weight-training gym with thousands of pounds of cast iron being flung around, Hamilton flooring can provide the solution for your holiday park leisure facilities.

Read more about the services available in our article - Specialist Flooring: Gyms, Leisure Centres and Sports Facilities.

Entertainment Facilities

Whether you cater to families, adults only, specialist groups or anything in between, entertainment is a huge part of the holiday park experience. Bars, dancefloors, kids clubs, stages, theatres and all arenas for entertainment take a battering during peak holiday season at any park or resort. These spaces require incredibly hard wearing surfaces for people to enjoy whilst being attractive and welcoming. For longevity and durability, a combination of carpet and vinyl tile is most often the ideal solution and with such a huge variety available through Hamilton Floors we have the design choices and characteristics perfect for any entertainment space.

Working with industry leaders such as Altro, Forbo, Polyflor, Burmatex and Desso, Hamilton flooring has a diverse range of flooring types available for entertainment spaces and our flooring experts are highly skilled at consultation, preparation and installation meaning that all you have to think about is which act to book next or what the big themed night of the season will be!

Restaurants, Cafes and Dining Rooms

We understand that restaurant flooring has to work really hard and the flooring in different areas are really put to the test. From the bustle of the commercial kitchen to the heavy footfall of dining rooms and bar areas as well as the spills which are commonplace in a restaurant environment, Hamilton Flooring has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that the perfect flooring is selected for your restaurant, cafe or dining room.

Hamilton Flooring works with the best names in the flooring industry to ensure that you have a vast range of choices available to suit the best style and combination for your restaurant. Whether you are looking for contemporary and stylish Luxury Vinyl Tile from Karndean and Amtico, elegant but hardwearing carpet from Desso, Burmatex or Heckmondwike, long-lasting modern vinyl flooring from Polyflor and Forbo, or safety flooring and entrance matting from Altro and Interface, the selection of flooring types, styles and designs are endless.

Whether there is commonality between the various foodie spots at your holiday park or resort, or whether each needs its own unique styling, we have the variety and expertise to support all your flooring needs.

Read more about the The Best Flooring Solutions for Restaurants and how Hamilton flooring can provide solutions for all of your restaurant, dining hall, cafe and coffee shop needs.

Offices and Staff spaces

Holiday parks and resorts required a dedicated team to run and manage the day to day goings-on and therefore suitable office space is something of an unseen requirement of holiday park and resort flooring solutions. With all the consideration and investment in beautiful and comfortable areas for your guests why not do the same for the business locations?

Office flooring, like many other aspects of office design, should reflect the brand and personality of your business. This may be achieved through specific colour palettes, design tropes or even custom bespoke flooring. This nod to the business brand may be more direct in areas such as reception spaces or boardrooms. Although branding may feed into breakout spaces such as individual offices and break rooms, the main considerations in these zones are likely to be ease of maintenance and durability.

In an open office space, carpet tile is the number one tool in the fight against excessive noise - which is the biggest barrier to productivity. Whether its an overload of keyboard clacking, frequent phone calls or the general noises of a working office, carpet tile absorbs more than three times more noise than a hardwood floor.

Office flooring needs to be ergonomic as well as stylish and vinyl is an effective combination of the two, with practical elements in their construction as well as a vast array of designs, colours and styles available.

Karndean is an ideal solution to provide a comfortable, home-like environment which is known to improve employee wellbeing. The beauty of Karndean flooring is the vast choice available across the ranges which include wood and stone effects in a variety of colour options and finishes.

Office Flooring: Creating a Great Work-Space, covers a multitude of options and considerations for office flooring which are all applicable to the behind-the-scenes spaces required at holiday parks, resorts and even hotels.

Residential Areas

Holidays are a time to relax and enjoy yourself so accommodations need to be a home away from home, regardless of whether this a caravan, lodge, cabin, suite or apartment. Whether you are looking for something simple and practical or a touch of luxury, Hamilton Flooring has the perfect flooring solution for your holiday park accommodation.


Carpet can be a luxurious addition to any home and it is no different for holiday accommodation. Hamilton Flooring works with some of the best suppliers of carpet in the UK to provide excellent solutions for holiday home carpeting. The ease of maintenance of carpet tile and carpet plank makes it a popular choice especially because their modular nature means that they can easily be replaced or changed. Its inexpensive nature also means that full changes are viable but more importantly, areas can be replaced if damage occurs. Perfect for hotel rooms, bedrooms in lodges, cabins and caravans, carpet tile is surprisingly durable and makes for a cosy yet luxurious feel.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

LVT is an inexpensive flooring solution with extremely high levels of wear resistance and durability meaning they withstand the wear and tear which comes from having many guests over time - with the added benefit of individual tiles being replaceable at minimal cost and inconvenience.

Aesthetically, LVT creates an authentic looking floor, replicating natural stone, wood, and tile without the practical downfalls of natural products. Hamilton flooring offers a broad range of Luxury Vinyl Flooring from suppliers such as Amtico and Karndean which have a huge variety of options for all areas of your rental property.

Vinyl flooring presents a lower cost option for simpler aesthetic requirements. We treat holiday accommodation in much the same way as we would rental homes, in that the flooring should be welcoming and stylish but also very durable and resistant to damage and the wear and tear associated with heavy footfall of guests. To find out more about flooring solutions for holiday rentals and accommodations, The Best Flooring for Rental Properties covers a variety of options and considerations.

Hamilton Flooring for Holiday Parks, Resorts and Holiday Rentals

We have only skimmed the surface of flooring solutions for holiday parks, resorts and holiday rentals but we understand that every location has very unique requirements. Our flooring experts have the skills, experience and knowledge to consult on the best flooring solution for you as well as removing old flooring, preparing the surface and fitting your brand new flooring. Whether you are a boutique resort or a colossal holiday park, Hamilton flooring can support small flooring updates, larger scale remodelling or even full service solutions for new holiday locations. Contact Hamilton Flooring today for your consultation or to find out more about flooring for holiday parks, resorts and rentals.

Unless otherwise stated, Images are used for illustrative purposes and do not represent work untaken by Hamilton flooring - examples of work completed can be found in our Gallery

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