Commercial Flooring Trends 2021/2022

Commercial Flooring Trends 2021/2022

Main Image: Karndean Van Gogh VGW81T Country Oak

There have been significant changes to the way that we work, especially in terms of the way we use office spaces. With more and more businesses returning to physical office space there are some flooring trends which are emerging.

Businesses and retail spaces have been forced to adapt to government mandated measures to help prevent the spread of covid-19 and to allow for people to navigate and work in spaces which would offer as much protection against the spread of the virus as possible. Measures such as the inclusion of hand sanitisation stands and more open spaces to allow for social distancing are likely to remain in place for a long while - even after things such as the face coverings/mask mandate has been relaxed. Practicality rules supreme and flooring solutions are being carefully selected for their antimicrobial properties, ease of cleaning, low maintenance and durable characteristics.

Hamilton flooring have been working with the commercial sector for over 30 years and have provided expert consultation and installation services to offices and businesses all over the Midlands and further afield. Working with some of the biggests and best names in the flooring industry, from Karndean and Amtico to Altro, Polyflor and Burmatex, we are pleased to offer a huge range of styles, surfaces and solutions to our commercial clients.

We understand the importance of creating practical yet beautiful spaces which can withstand all that daily wear and tear experienced by restaurants, hotels, offices and businesses. Ensure that your flooring solution will not only withstand the challenges of Covid-19 but will also stand the test of time and won't look aged or outdated - ensuring a professional, attractive and welcoming environment for all.

Practical Flooring Designs

With vaccines being rolled out and lockdown measures being eased in the UK it would be easy to assume that things will return to ‘normal’ soon. However, this is unlikely to be the case and one of the many lessons that has been learned throughout the global pandemic is the importance of public health measures and ensuring healthy and safe public spaces. It is of no surprise that practical interior design solutions are a ‘trend’ that is sure to stick around.

The use of flooring to manage pedestrian flow has been a big part of managing the spread of coronavirus and using directional walkways and wayfinding will move from the use of temporary stickers and markers to sleek and attractive flooring.

Amtico Signature Trace Scree laid Stripwood, Trace Kaolin laid Broken Bond. Distancing floor tiles Napoli on Shimmer Metal

Using borders and distinctive area coding through flooring design has always been popular in large shops such as furniture stores for example but more and more smaller scale retail spaces are using wayfinding flooring. Many offices and Leisure spaces use subtle differences between flooring types to create distinct spaces to denote walkways, relaxation areas, bars and receptions.

Using a combination of Carpet tiles and Vinyl flooring can be useful to separate out walkways and designated work spaces in offices to prevent staff meandering through desk areas or can guide shoppers through a clothing store with ease. There are many ways to utilise flooring to promote social distancing and a pleasant spacious environment which adds comfort as well as safety not just to prevent the spread of Covid-19 but also other issues such as the common cold or the flu.

Amtico Signature Tempus Restore, with Diffusion Charcoal Stripping laid Uniform Block. Distancing floor tiles Napoli on Shimmer Metal.

Colour Contrasting Flooring

Year upon year there are popular trends in commercial interior design when it comes to colour palettes and designs. More often than not neutral colours take centre stage. 2021 has already shown itself to be bucking against the norm with vibrant and neutral tones being used together to create wonderful contrasts. Pantones colours of the year for 2021 were PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating, a warm grey tone and bright yellow bringing together the concepts of steadiness and practicality meeting with positivity and optimism.

Colour contrasting is not a new trend by any means but in the past it has persisted more in domestic interior design. When it comes to flooring, we have seen designers creating unique and dimensional flooring with contrasting colour tones. Both within single designs and also in laying patterns.

Karndean Kaleidoscope collection: inc K-LM05 Melbourne

Grey remains a staple in commercial flooring design because it is so versatile and chic but rather than being paired with other shades of grey, it is being used alongside vivid pinks, oranges and yellows. Commercial interior design was once all about practicality, the flooring world has, in the last 20 years or so, found a wonderful balance between practicality and aesthetic effect. Daring patterns are set to be a popular trend in 2021 and 2022 with bold and unusual flooring patterns creating striking and unique commercial spaces.

Forbo: Surestep Laguna Vinyl

Commercial Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles were once synonymous with office buildings but long gone are the coarse brown and beige tiles of the past. Carpet tile systems provide greater flexibility for design, installation and refitting as well as remaining one of the most durable flooring options due to advanced technologies in the manufacturing process. One of the biggest draws of carpet tile is the ability to replace individual tiles should spills or damage be acquired in the daily use of a carpeted area.

Furthermore, the variety of colour and pattern options is astounding and there is surely a combination for everyone! Once fitted, carpet tile gives the appearance of wall-to-wall carpeting rather than piecemeal sections. Having said this, intricate patterns and designs can be created with carpet tile using custom flooring techniques, allowing for a bespoke finish and personalised aspects should this be desired.

Burmatex: From left to right - Infinity Carpet tiles, Origin Carpet tiles, Tivoli Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are having something of a revival - perhaps due to their versatility and the fact that individual tiles can be changed where needed. Carpet tile can be used to display messages in a stylish and simple way without the need for floor tape etc and so many are utilising bespoke carpet tile designs to convey those messages. When the messages are no longer required, they can easily be replaced with minimal disruption.

Commercial Flooring Services at Hamilton Flooring

Our flooring experts can consult with you on single area refits to full property flooring, helping you select the best flooring for your needs which represents your desired appearance. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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