Commercial Entrance Matting

Commercial Entrance Matting

They say first impressions count and this is as true in flooring as it is many other aspects of life.

For many businesses, making an impact on people the moment they step into the building can be really important and one way to achieve this is through your entrance matting. The majority of people think of entrance matting purely as the area to wipe the world off your feet before entering a building. Although this is the case to an extent, by not utilising your entrance space you could be missing out on some prime real estate.

Custom commercial entrance matting

As one of the first things people see when entering your business, well designed commerical entrance matting can be part of your business identity whilst also serving a practical purpose. You could combine robust and durable coir entrance matting with a customised bespoke flooring design for the reception space. This approach allows you to explore the opportunity for marketing your brand identity whilst retaining the economical and practical properties of coir commercial entrance matting as a dirt collector protecting flooring further into the building.

Another approach is to incorporate your business colour palette into your floor coverings whether through custom laid carpet tiles, inlaid custom designs, or bespoke typography. Laser Cut, CNC Milled and Custom flooring can be a great statement for your business from the entrance way through to design elements in offices, safety features in residential care homes, directing a customer journey in a showroom, and bringing an element of personality to any commercial space.

Heavy Duty commercial Entrance Matting

At Hamilton Flooring we are dedicated to high quality and hard wearing entrance matting which prevents slip hazards, protects the buildings flooring and reflects the identity of the business or property. Entrance matting is suitable for both commercial and residential installation and varies greatly in design and practicality but by working with some of the leading brands in the industry including; Burmatex, Desso, and Interface, our team of experts have access to a huge variety of products all suited to the demands of varying footfall, branding, specialist applications and design.

For example, you may choose the hardwearing entrance barrier carpet DESSO Protect which is a wool and nylon cut pile carpet tile with a scraper fibre distributed through the tile for added effectiveness. Or perhaps the dramatic sounding Burmatex 7700 Grimebuster, a fibre bonded carpet sheet presenting deep diagonal ribs designed to offer extremely durable protection against high foot traffic, dirt and wear.

Those are just two of the carpet based options available! There are endless combinations of LVT, Carpet, Rubber and Safety flooring which can be utilised to create the ideal flooring solution for your commercial space.

Contact one of the Hamilton Flooring specialists for advice on the best solution for your commercial entrance matting needs.

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