Best Flooring for Laboratories and Science Rooms

Best Flooring for Laboratories and Science Rooms

Choosing the best flooring solution for any space is something which requires careful consideration, but when it comes to laboratories, research environments and science rooms it is critical to make the right selection. Flooring in Laboratories and science rooms needs to be slip-resistant, moisture-proof, non-absorbent, easy to clean, non-staining and incredibly durable. Ease of maintenance is very important for science lab flooring particularly in educational environments where students may drop equipment, sharp tools or fluids.

Research and development institutions require high level, innovative and incredibly hard wearing lab room flooring much of which requires specialist consideration for the most appropriate flooring solution. For example; chemical resistance, extreme temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, electrostatic-dissipative, biocide resistance, bacteriostatic or anti-microbial characteristics may be prioritised but ultimately safety is the primary concern for all laboratory and science room flooring solutions.

Whether commercial or educational, every laboratory will have specific requirements for its flooring solution and the extensive knowledge and expertise of Hamilton Flooring, allows us to advise on, supply and fit the best flooring for your laboratory.

Science Rooms and Laboratories: Selecting the Right Flooring Surface

Performance characteristics are obviously a key concern when choosing your laboratory and science room flooring solution, however this does not mean that aesthetic aspects lack importance. No more so that in educational settings where colour is known to impact the performance of both students and teachers and colour can be used to support student engagement and provide a more stimulating environment. Furthermore, in commercial settings as well as educational settings, an attractive workspace plays a role in productivity and can aid in the practicality of the space. Flooring solutions in laboratory and science rooms benefit from certain colourways to ensure that any dropped items do not become camouflaged in colour or pattern and that safety is heightened. Comfort should also be considered as for many research and development industries, long periods of time may be spent standing, so a flooring which is low impact underfoot is conducive to a safe and pleasant work environment. As well as comfort, the process of cleaning and maintaining the laboratory flooring should be considered when selecting the correct floor for the space.

As standard, science room and laboratory flooring should be resistant to regular cleaning particularly with disinfectants and strong detergents which would cause other flooring types to fade or even deteriorate. The individual requirements of laboratories and science rooms would need to be taken into account as fumigation, steam cleaning and other specialist cleaning requirements may affect certain flooring types. Hamilton flooring can advise on the best flooring solution in these instances and advise on the most suitable products.

Hamilton Flooring are equipped to undertake any laboratory or science room flooring project, from removing existing flooring to advising on suitable solutions and laying new flooring. Working with some of the leading brands in safety and laboratory flooring, Altro and Polyflor, Hamilton Flooring has you covered for all your laboratory and science room flooring needs.

Laboratory Flooring Solutions at Hamilton Flooring

At Hamilton Flooring, we offer a wide range of flooring services across educational, commercial and industrial sectors for science rooms and laboratories offering a variety of styles, colours and finishes. Importantly, our flooring is certified safe as well as hardwearing, low-maintenance and durable. Depending on your laboratory or science room needs
Our school flooring solutions offer your project a wide range of styles, colours and finishes. Our flooring is, most importantly, safe as well as tough, durable, hard wearing and low maintenance. Flooring design is dependent on the requirements of the room being fitted, for example a school, college or university lab will have different design and function needs than a research, industrial or commercial laboratory.

Whatever your laboratory or science room needs, Hamilton Flooring’s professional flooring experts can advise on the best flooring solution for you. Below, we explore the two main suppliers of safety flooring that Hamilton Flooring Recommend for Laboratory and Science room flooring, Polyflor and Altro.

PolyFlor Flooring Solutions

Flooring in laboratories and science rooms are well catered for with Polyflor flooring solutions. Polyflor’s complete safety flooring offers sustainable slip resistance and confirms to HSE guidelines & EN 13845. Polyflor flooring is easy to clean and is especially suited to laboratories due to its impenetrable surface which refuses to harbour dirt and bacteria. Alongside their wall and ceiling cladding products, Polyflor flooring provides the requirements of cleanroom classification and specialist ESD flooring presents static control properties as well as aesthetic impact.

Polyflor possesses a broad palette of contemporary colours, as well as stone, marble and wood effect designs giving the specifier the opportunity to create bespoke schemes with a distinct non-institutional feel.

Polyflor ESD

Altro Flooring Solutions

Often cited as the original creators of the safety floor, Altro’s product range is designed and tested to meet the requirements of even the toughest of environments - such as laboratories and science rooms. Flooring solutions from Altro exceed international safety and hygiene standards and are durable, stain resistant and designed to withstand extremes in temperature.

With Altro flooring, it's a given that the flooring works hard in the area within which it is placed but the variety of colours and finishes means they look good too.

Altro Walkway™20 SD

Laboratory and Science Room Flooring Solutions

Hamilton Flooring are a nationwide professional flooring company based near Stratford-upon-avon, offering a large range of products and services to suit any requirement. Our flooring experts can advise, plan, supply and fit your laboratory, science lab or clean room flooring, no matter the project size or sector. Contact Hamilton Flooring to find out more.

Unless otherwise stated, Images are used for illustrative purposes and do not represent work untaken by Hamilton flooring - examples of work completed can be found in our Gallery

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