Art Deco Flooring: Style & Inspiration

Art Deco Flooring: Style & Inspiration

The distinct and ornate style of art deco interior design has, once again, been bringing the luxurious elegance and opulence of the 1920’s to commercial and domestic properties for the past 18 months.

The Art Deco style originated in France just before World War One. Between then and the mid 1930’s, Art Deco influenced everything from interior design, architecture, fashion, household objects and just about everything in between! The Art Deco style can be characterised by bold geometric shapes, luxurious materials and strikingly bold colours or contrasting monochromes.

The boudoir of fashion designer Jeanne Lanvin (1922–25) now in the Museum of Decorative Arts, Paris

Art Deco design saw a comeback once before in the 1980s, albeit a relatively minor revival in the grand scheme of the popular aesthetics of the time. This most recent re-emergence of Art Deco is a far more subtle foray into the style with a sophisticated spattering of Art Deco creating points of interest and striking elements to the space. Both the commercial and domestic worlds are utilising Art Deco to elevate the aesthetic of homes and businesses with contemporary reimaginings of iconic Art Deco features without overwhelming a space with a wall-to-wall look which can feel dated and a touch gaudy and thematic.

One of the most exciting ways of incorporating Art Deco style into your environment is through your flooring selection. Leading designers in the flooring industry have embraced the resurgence of Art Deco design with combinations of traditional and contemporary takes on the style. Here at Hamilton Flooring we have seen some amazing transformations for our clients’ commercial and domestic spaces with Art Deco Flooring, and so wanted to bring you some inspiration for your very own Art Deco style flooring project. There are a great many options available but in this article we will focus on two of our most popular Luxury Vinyl Floor brands, Amtico and Karndean.

Art Deco Flooring: Amtico

The primary collection for Art Deco flooring by Amtico is actually a really interesting blend of Art Nouveau Victoriana and Art Deco inspirations with a splash of Heritage styling which creates an incredibly enigmatic range of designs and possibilities. The Decor range draws upon the design archives of Amtico, breathing new life into traditional colours and patterns which is both captivating as well as nostalgic.

Amtico Decor: Classic

Amtico Décor

Amtico Décor combines elegance and style with the durability and long-lasting benefits of their signature range of Luxury Vinyl Tile. Unlike its natural counterparts, there are many characteristics of LVT which make it highly suited to the home or commercial spaces in particular its relatively low cost, comfort and sound reduction, ease of maintenance/repair and high quality aesthetic. Find out more about LVT in ‘Luxury Vinyl Flooring: Is it the right choice for me?’

The Décor laying patterns are almost indistinguishable from ceramic tile, much of this is down to the incredible composition of Amtico’s LVT flooring but also because Décor LVT floors are individually cut and bevelled featuring the 1mm wear layer and Quantum Guard Elite for exceptional durability and long lasting appearance.

Amtico Decor: Classic Bianco

Within the Amtico Décor collection there are the timeless and traditional patterns of Geo and Classic as well as the more contemporary geometrically striking Echo. Each pattern is intricately designed and creates a gorgeous focal point such as a hallway or bathroom in the home, or can clever mark out and highlight key spaces in commercial settings such as bars, seating areas or til points.

The highly decorative designs are complemented by borders and edging tiles which can really add to the Art Deco feel of the flooring but are not necessary to complete the look. Within the collection is a mix of contemporary and traditional designs which makes it ideal for a number of environments.

Décor Classic: Art Deco flooring meets Art Nouveau Victoriana

The Décor Classic brings together complementing colours and pleasingly repeating patterns to create a Kaleidoscope pattern reminiscent of the hallway in the home of a wealthy Victorian. The bold contrasting colour tones and elegant patterns bring a touch of Art Deco styling into the fusion. Elegant and striking, this collection brings in colour and sharp lines in an impressive display of design.

Left to right: Amtico Decor - Classic Sepia,Classic Argent,Classic Ebony

Décor Geo: Reinventing Art Deco Flooring for the Modern Space

One key element of Art Deco Flooring - and design in general - is the prevalence of geometric shapes. The Amtico Décor Geo does exactly this, it brings together traditional tile styling to reinvent a classic for the modern revival.

Amtico Decor - Geo Ecru,Geo Graphite

Décor Echo: Statement Simplicity for Art Deco Flooring

Amtico Décor Echo takes Art Deco flooring to a beautifully minimalist combination of monochromatic colourways and a reflective contemporary pattern. Although formed from a simple lay pattern, the impact of Echo is bold and striking whilst feeling balanced and intriguing. This Art Deco Flooring works well either as a full floor or as a more focused feature piece to any room , whether commercial or domestic.

Amtico Decor - Echo Keys

Amtico Decor - Echo Ink

Art Deco Flooring: Karndean

The Karndean Heritage Collection is an homage to the elegantly tiled flooring found in period properties. The collection features traditional patterns which bring together traditional interior design with contemporary trends.Karndean Luxury Vinyl Tile is hard-wearing and waterproof yet the bevelled edges create a realistic impression of tile without the high maintenance aspects of waxing and buffing that tile requires. Although we focus on the Heritage Collection, Kaleidoscope by Karndean is an incredibly bold take on the geometric aspects of Art Deco flooring creating an almost 3D effect that is highly impactful.

Kaleidoscope KAL04 Pennon

Karndean Heritage Collection

As with Amtico, the Karndean Heritage Collection brings together period style with an Art Deco twist creating some striking options for your flooring requirements. From classical monochromes to the bold and beautiful colours with simple geometric designs alongside more intricate opulent options, the Heritage Collection is versatile and intriguing. There are four main styles within the Heritage collection, Mayfair, Lansdown, Clifton and Montpellier.

Karndean Heritage: CLIF-04 Clifton , Dove Grey, Azure, Lace and Nero.

Art Deco Style Flooring: Karndean Heritage - Mayfair

Instantly recognisable, the Mayfair pattern is iconic with its combined square and triangle tile. This style will be familiar to many as the quintessential ‘victorian hallway’ which was adapted to fit the Art Deco Aesthetic. The opulence of Art Deco Flooring has been incorporated into this collection with contemporary options of rich colour tones which create a striking and statement floor.

Karndean Heritage: Mayfair - MAYF02 (Crimson, Azure, Gold, Lace and Nero), MAYF01 (Dove Grey, Terracotta, Lace, Azure and Nero)

Art Deco Style Flooring: Karndean Heritage - Lansdown

Lansdown is bursting with character - as any Art Deco Flooring should! The Lansdown takes the classic monochrome in a modern grid formation which creates an elegant and understated finish feeling connected with history yet modern. The geometric style adds interest to any floor whether in a domestic or commercial setting.

Karndean Heritage: LANS-02 Lansdown - Dove Grey and Lace

Art Deco Style Flooring: Karndean Heritage - Montpellier

Montpellier is a bold offering of octagonal tiles and square insets which forms a striking focal point to any space. There is a grand and elegant feel to the Montpellier design which fits in perfectly with Art Deco design, there is a quiet confidence in this flooring which is intricate yet a little more subtle than some other designs. Montpellier works in large spaces as well as to create smaller focal points.

Karndean Heritage: Montpellier MONT-06 Azure and Lace

Art Deco Style Flooring: Karndean Heritage - Clifton

Clifton is perhaps one of the more complex designs offered by the Karndean Heritage collection. Combining stars and squares through the clever use of triangular and square tiles creates a sophisticated and playful flooring design. Keep it simple in monochrome tones or add a pop of colour for something more dramatic!

Karndean Heritage: Clifton - CLIF01, CLIF04 Dove Grey, Azure, Lace and Nero

How to Achieve Art Deco Style Flooring?

The inspiration of Art Deco is notable across many interior design trends, from gold and chrome accents to geometric shapes and bold colours and patterns.

There are several ways to achieve Art Deco style flooring so whether you utilise the Art Deco inspired collections from above or take a different approach, you can bring a touch of elegance and Art Deco luxury to your home, business or commercial space.

Art Deco Style Chequered Floors

Karndean Opus SP111 Luna

This stylish and classic Art Deco style was created by combining monochromatic tiles from the Karndean Opus collection in a Chequerboard lay pattern. Elegant, simple, timeless.

Art Deco Style Geometric Patterned Flooring

Amtico DC464, The Tracery

Using Tempus Soothe AR0STE31, Tempus Pause AR0STE37 and Tempus Echo AR0STE13this Polygon laying pattern is bold and dramatic creating a stunning take on Art Deco Flooring using Amtico products.

Art Deco Style Herringbone or Parquet Flooring

Karndean AP02 Auburn Oak Art Select

Karndean created this stunning Herringbone flooring using their Auburn Oak from the Art Select collection. Although this article focuses on Art Deco Tile Flooring style, Art Deco flooring also includes interestingly patterned wood effect flooring such as the incredibly authentic LVT from Karndean.

Amtico Signature: Ink Wash Wood

Amtico provides a moody take on the Art Deco style with this gorgeous ink wash wood Luxury Vinyl Plank which puts a modern spin on the Art Deco 1920's/1930's parquet style floor.

Art Deco Inspired Design Inlays

A popular Art Deco design element was stylised flooring inlays. Design inlays can be created with custom flooring services from Hamilton Flooring, find out more in our custom flooring article. Custom, CNC milled and laser cut flooring is a way to create a truly unique floor, whether in your home or in your business.

Art Deco Flooring with Hamilton Flooring

We were, in part, inspired by the recent completion of the Jacques Restaurant & Bar in Knowle which featured some beautiful Art Deco Styling, you can see the full project in our article 'Hamilton Flooring: Complete Flooring Solutions at Jacques Restaurant & Bar in Knowle'

To find out more about our Art Deco Flooring services and to book a consultation, get in touch today

Unless otherwise stated, Images are used for illustrative purposes and do not represent work untaken by Hamilton flooring - examples of work completed can be found in our Gallery

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